It was not too cold but it was cozy in the sleeping bag and when I head the other two rise, I still hoped to snooze a while. By 6:30 I was up anyway and since we knew there was going to be a campground in the next 20 km, I decided to make a coffee and oatmeal for b’fast.

The campsite was fantastic and I suppose it would be nice to hunt for recreation sites instead of parks to camp in (parks are expensive).

The road started with a gentle downhill and a couple of climbs to get the body warmed up. As it is usually the case I have more energy in the morning and set a good pace. We had to get a lot of K’s in so that the wind in the afternoon wouldn’t affect most of the distance. We regrouped briefly at a rest area and headed towards Fort Steele where Krijn’s path takes him due East.

Just before getting into Fort Steele, We spotted a farm with pies and fresh veggies and stopped for the 2nd b’fast. They had some muffins and cinnamon rolls for cheap. I think they were the best muffins and by far the cheapest in Canada. The cinnamon rolls were humongous for 2$. After the rest, we went to Fort Steele and had to watch out for the turnoff for Krijn. After enquiries, we figured it out and after goodbyes, myself and Krissi headed South while Krijn went East.

It for fun hanging out with the dutchman, We shared a certain sense of sarcasm and a dry wit and whenever he’d quote Fawlty towers “Don’t Mention the War” I couldn’t help laughing. Fair winds, Krijn.

We had a 15 km then to the big town of Cranbrook and rode the rolling hills with a bit of winds starting to show. The sun got warmer too and we decided we could wait at the visitor centre when we got into town. The info Center had wifi and I sat around in a corner engaging in Warmshowers and my blog. I also figured out that there was an indian restaurant along our way out which had lunch Buffet’s! Awesome.

After mooching on the internet, we headed south again The town was typically American, with a few fast food joints, some Farm implements showroom, A Harley Showroom and a few strip malls. I guess I am going to get a whole load of those as I make my way south. Good thing would be that the junk food would be super cheap.

We found the Indian joint at the end of town, but the buffet was only on weekdays. Bummer today is a saturday. I guess I couldn’t resist getting some decent grub into the system and ended up eating there anyway. It was pricey, but what the heck.

We hung about for an hour or so and waited for the sun to go down. With less than 20 km to go, we figured, it would be alright. But the 20 k’s turned out to be a hard work out. The roads were rolling again, but we couldn’t get any momentum in the downhills as the headwinds ground us to lower gears. It was a real bummer and we kept working till we reached the campground.

This one turned out to be too fancy, hundreds of sites and pretty expensive at 28$. Luckily we are sharing else, I’d end up finding a wild camp. I suppose the next few days I am going to be hunting for corners to hide in to save money for sure.

Track Notes

Route: Johnson Lake Recreational Area to Moyie Lake Provincial Park
Distance: 84 Km
Expenses: SG$ 44.46
Comments: Camping in Canada is Expensive...