It was nice and warm for a change when I work up and I almost wanted to extend the stay here. I usually prefer to stay a couple of nights while at a warm showers, just so I have more time to interact with the host. But today we were planning to head out anyway. Margaret, offered me coffee in the morning and I made a b’fast with a litre of chocolate milk I had bought yesterday.

The two american girls left earlier and we hung around chatting with David and Margaret for a while and it was 9 am when we started on the road. I had a mildly bad stomach and figured it should settle up thro the day. After the first 20 km or so, I had to stop off at the visitor centre and hit the loo. I felt it was going to be a bit of a drag today with the body not cooperating, but hoped the runs would stop though.

David had recommended a detour from the highway and that took us n the other side of Invermere. The town was pretty and the backroads were a bit hilly but quiet and enjoyable. It was a good idea to take this than the boring highways anyway. We stopped a bit for a bite, but I couldn’t eat much and decided to skip the meal for the time being.

I was at the back most of the day and it was a bit if hard work, when the headwinds rolled in. We had a minor detour to avoid a hill near Fairmont, bit after that we had to join the highway and it was pretty boring. The shoulder was good, but the ride and the views were utterly boring, Add on some headwind and a bad day in the office, it was not an enjoyable day for me. By the time we were supposed to be at our campground, we couldn’t see any signs and were afraid we’d have to do another 24 km to the next campground. Luckily someone pointed us towards the lake and we managed to find a pretty spot to camp. And it was free too. Nice.

The trouble though was that we were all running low on water and I asked one of the visitors for their water and later when the park warden showed up, he also gave us a litre of water. I guess good enough for dinner. We might have to find some water in the morning, else it’s going to be a hard day on the road yet again.

The sunset was gorgeous. Though we had a bit of a stormy winds while cooking, luckily it died out by the time we hit the bed.

Route: Radium Hot springs to Johnson Lake Recreational Area
Distance: 95 Km
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 0
Comments: A really beautiful campground.

Track Notes