We wanted to start early today too, but after chatting long in the evening I wasn’t ready to wake up. Eventually slumbered out of my tent at 6:45 and warmed myself in the dining area with people cooking in there. I made my b’fast and met a Malaysian family travelling in the region.

We planned a 8 AM start and managed it pretty close. it was a col morning too and we layered up as we headed to the Bow Valley Parkway which was parallel to the highway but with much less traffic. It had a couple of small hills, otherwise was pretty flat and even a few downhills.

At the junction where we had to enter Kootney national Park, I stopped to get a donut and a banana bread for a lunch later.

After the junction the road climbed steadily with some steep sections and it lasted an hour (about 6 km). The views were nice, but seems like a big wildfire burnt all the vegetation and the mountains were bare.

We planned to head to the Marble Canyon campground and reached there by noon. After a small bite, we wanted to go for a hike around. But given the state of the vegetation and the hot sun, it would not have been a pleasant walk for sure. I dozed for a couple of hours in the shade and decided to check out the canyon across the road. It was a pretty spot with a small waterfall that dug the canyon out. Was a gentle walk that. Felt a bit weird to spend a half a day of riding and resting the rest of the time. But hey, it was nice to spend the afternoon reading and we have a reasonable longer day tomorrow if we are to head to Radium Hot Springs.

I have been considering plans as I near the USA and seems like the most likely option would be to enter via Idaho and head towards the coast. But I need some internet time to make plans I reckon.

Route: Lake Loiuse to Marble Canyon Campground
Distance: 50 Km
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 16.50
Comments: Nice to take a break!

Track Notes