I woke up late in the morning, given it is a rest day and it was cold still at 8 am. I made a cup of coffee and as I was drinking it, I started talking to a family from Edmonton (Shan, his wife and children and nieces). They were friendly and I was telling them about my journey and Krissi was telling her bit. The kids seemed really interested and probed me on a variety of stuff. Hopefully it’s incepted some ideas in them, tsp tsk.

We were asked to switch campsites today (since we were in the backup sites, which they reserve for other late arriving hikers / cyclists). Krissi went out to enquire and we were told that there were no sites available. That was a bit of a bummer, but Shan came thro and offered his site for us to stay in. They had incidentally booked 2 sites because they were 1 person more than allowed on a site (what are the odds of that) and he asked us to pop our tents in his site! Gosh.

His son had to pack his tent and move in with his sisters in a big tent, which he did with a big smile and the parents had to move their tent to make space for us. We couldn’t believe how nice they were about it and making room for us to hand out for the night. Awesome. Once again, a random act of kindness saves our day. Myself and Krissi were discussing and she felt a bit bad receiving so much generosity. I am of the opinion that when people offer kindness, the right thing to do is to allow them the opportunity to express it without hesitation. And later on, offer our generosity back to some others who need it more. I suppose that’s how goodness can spread thro the world.

Anyhow, just as we finished setting up our camp, Krijn showed up and he was taking the empty slot we had left that morning. He had some miscommunication on dates with the hostel and decided to take up camping and skip hostels for the next few days. Nice. We had a chat and though he was headed towards Montana, he decided to join us for the next few days. Real cool. Krijn is a nice feller to hangout with, with dry humour and I guess the trio will have a nice time for the week ahead.

We headed into town looking for wifi, which turned out to be hard to get. The only spot with free wifi was a cafe and we got only 15 minutes. Just enough to send out a couple of mails. However, I needed to finish up the backlog of blogs and since Krijn had to go to his hostel to process the cancellation we followed him. The lounge was empty and we sneaked in and mooched on their wifi for an hour or so where I finished up my work in a rush.

We had to get some supplies for the days ahead and headed to the pricy grocery store. I snooped some Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and picked up a tub of Cherry Garcia and Kristie picked up a Half baked. Krijn suggested we should take a look at the Lake at Lake louise and it sounded like a decent plan. We didn’t know that it was a 4 km uphill ride in the heat. ang. Ah well, I had ice cream to eat and slogged my ass up the steep hill. The lake was nice, but too many tourists milling about, I refer so many more of the quieter lakes I’ve been thro till now.

We shared the two tubs and Each of us polished off Half a litre or ice-cream in no time. Awesome.

We headed back (which was a fun downhill). I decided to do some more laundry and shower again before dinner. Once again I had a dose of couscous and hung out in the evening with the nice family and teens.

Great way to enjoy a rest day.

Route: Marble Canyon Campground
Distance: 10 Km
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 28.78
Comments: Nice to take a break!

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