There were a couple of drizzles thro the night and it being cloudy, the temperature remained warmish. The tent was wet and there was no signs of sun peeking out of the heavy clouds soon. I had to wake up Krissi, I suppose she hasn’t and a proper rest day for a while and was still sleeping at 7. I packed up my tent and we took a while to get going after b’fast. The first part was going to be a big hill and we were hoping we could do it before it got too hot.

I rode a steady pace up and before I know in in an hour and a half I had reached the high pass. There was a view point and we had to ride harder again to get up to it. It was pretty, but the bus loads of tourists were popping by every few minutes. We hung about for pictures and headed out. It was a nice downhill and though we saw a couple of tourer’s, we were too fast to stop and say hello. It got cold in the descent and I had to get on my waterproofs.

We stopped by at the Bow lake and Krissi decided she didn’t want to hike up to Helen Lake (a 5 hr hike) and my legs were starting to complain a bit too after the workout yesterday. We saw the hike around bow lake was easy (150m climb) and ended at a waterfall from a glacier. Sounded exciting and we decided to do it instead.

The hike was easy, but I could feel my hiking muscles were sore from the previous climbs and small bits of uphill was a bit of a task to get thro. The waterfall was stunning though and it was worth coming up here. We hung out and had some snacks (nuts and dates) and it was a really spectacular spot for a picnic.

As we walked back, I figured we had a 36 km out to lake louise and it would be mostly downhill. The weather to the south looked ominous and we could see the sky pouring at the distance. The wise thing to do was to wait it out and see if we could avoid the storm. So we hung out at the fancy cafe for a while reading and watching the weather.

Krijn showed up at the same spot and we hung out till the rain cleared. Once the weather passed, we rode downhill hard and stopped a moment to say goodbyes to Krijn at the Mosquito creek and We sped downhill. We were headed to Lake Louise and the descent was much fun.

When we got to the campground, we were told that it was full, but luckily they were holding the overflow space for cyclists. We had met a few other cyclists in town and asked the campsite to hold space for them too. We quickly made some dinner, had a super looooong shower, washed up my clothes and pitched camp.

There was an Australian cyclist, Joe who was looping thro these National Parks. As we chatted, a trio of cyclists, Imran and Kakas from Bangladesh and Sarah, from Australia popped up on their Bike fridays (tandem and a Pocket) and pitched next to us. I was nice to see some South Asian’s riding (it’s a rare sight indeed). They were cooking a big dinner and we chatted a while and I had a second helping of dinner too, heh.

After a long evening, we all dropped off to sleep in this nice campsite…

Distance: 62 km (52 biking, 10 hiking)
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 3.30
Comments: Hail! Ouch!

Track Notes

Route: ?? to Lake Louise