We were looking forward to Ice cream for a while and today we would be passing by the Crossing where it was rumoured to have a gas station and enormous ice creams for 5$. Though the night was warm, we woke up to a chill morning and the rain that threatened to show up didn’t materialise.

As we rode thro the cool morning, the ice cream was not an appetising prospect, but a hot coffee sounded much better. After the 10 km of reasonably flat roads, we saw the fancy setup with lodges, cabins, gas station and a cafe. It was expensive of course and a classic tourist trap.

Along the way I stopped as I saw a cyclist on the other side but krissi was missing for a few minutes. turned out that as I rode ahead, a bear just crossed the road between the two of us and krissi had to stop and plead for him to move away. He seemingly didn’t care and ran away when a car showed up instead. Bummer I missed him.

The muffins looked attractive, but at 4.5$ it was a bit steep. Ah well, they had let us charge our electronics and both of us decided to splurge on it. We managed to sneak a few packets of hot sauce and single serve jams for later use, he hee. I walked thro the grocery store which was poorly stocked but I found some nice bread, multigrain with quinoa and figured I could use them for a nice afternoon bike, sort of lunch.

We waited a couple of hours and satisfied with the charge levels, decided to head out. It would have been a small day, but I spotted some hikes in a map in the previous campground and we decided to check it out. We missed a turning that looked like the trailhead, ah well, it started to climb and we weren’t heading back. We stopped at a carpark and as it turned out it was the right trailhead for the hike we were looking for. We left the bikes by the signage and headed into the forest.

The hike was a stiff 5-6 km and climbed about 600m. It would have been a good workout on a regular day, but the fitness levels being what they are, we chatted about this and that and made it to the top without feeling too tired. It was a bit of a bummer as the views were obscured by trees and there was no trail leading above the treeline. We scrambled over some rocks and found some nice views for photos.

The way down was much faster (as it always is) and i had to watch my footing. As I for back to the carpark, I saw a bunch of plastic bags strewn around our bikes. One of them was the bread bag. Oh No! I rummaged in my bag, but the bread was gone. The darn squriells got into my bag and stole my bread. The very fancy and expensive one too. Ah the cheeky buggers. It was not a big deal, I just had to skip lunch, but they also bit rho the garbage bags that krissi was using as waterproof materials for her sleeping bag and her sleeping bag was exposed now. As Krissi had her lunch the weather turned a little worse and we spotted dark clouds. Dang.

We had to ride uphill the rest of the way and the weather was threatening and spitting droplets a bit. It was cool to ride, but just a matter of time before a rain would hit us. We came up to the waterfowl campground and decided we could push on to the next one (5 km away) as the weather seemed to be chasing us. But this is a complex valley and before we knew it, we were surrounded by heavy clouds and it started to hail. It was tiny bits of ice, but i had to bend over to take the brunt of the attack on my back and keep my front as dry as possible. I was socked in a matter of minutes and I had to keep pedalling hard to keep the body warm. Krissi was right behind me and was also getting pelted by hail.

We reached the campground soaking wet and at the tiny shelter at the entrance, I changed over to dry clothes and my waterproofs to prevent from getting too cold. The shoes were soaking and I think it would be a good idea to get a waterproof shoe cover.

We waited until the rain relented and headed into the campground in a lull. We managed to pitch tent and eat up some dinner when it stayed dry and just as we were caching the food in the bear lockers, it started to rain again. As well, guess it is going to be a wet couple of days. But it would be nice to be able to get over the high pass tomorrow and hopefully find a nice campground along the way. Would be better if it wasn’t soaking wet of course.

Route: to mosquito creek campground
Distance: 48 km ( 36 km cycling, 12 km Hiking)
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 16.61
Comments: Hail! Ouch!

Track Notes