Krissi usually does shorter days and finishes by noon. I am more of a day long masher. I guess with us riding together, I had made her days longer too. We talked about our schedules and decided that both elf us have open timelines for now and it would be nice to take a rest day after the big hill yesterday.

I woke up leisurely after 7 am and by the time Mathias and family were up and having b’fast. They offered us both hot chocolate and afterwards, I just sat around admiring the german precision in campsite packing. Heh. honestly, they were efficient and each of them had a specific task and their own bikes to pack up and it was like a dance watching them pack everything into small bags and be on their way.

Krissi was feeling alright after the nights rest, but we still figured we’d take an off day and instead of cycling, we could hike up one of the passes here. Its a nice 3 hr hike up the hill, about 1000 ft of climbing. Pretty much what a rest day would call for.

The trail head was at another campsite 2 km away and we figured we could camp there for the night. As we were on the road there were signs posted that the campsite was full. Doh. Krissi was a bit anxious, though she was the one who told me that campsites do not have the right to reject cyclists even if they are full.

We rode up and after a few minutes, found a nice spot next to some big pine trees. It was less than 10 mins since we packed up and we were unpacking. He he. After setting up home, we decided t \o check the hike out. It was warm to start with, but the trail was pretty well laid out and easy to walk on. We strolled leisurely up over the treelike and the views of the glacier and the barren rockie mountains were stunning. The landscape was alpine with grassy meadows and swamps with wildflowers. I suppose it was really a worthy hike up here.

I am glad to be packing a decent backpack with me which can double up as a my storage of sleeping system and also as a reasonable Day hike bag. I had a lite bite up in the mountains and then took numerous stops to admire and extend our time up in the beautiful landscape. The wask down was easy, but my shoes were not helping much, I guess I will upgrade to decent trail runners once this one bites the dust.

I was a bit peckish as I got down and made myself an onion soup as an appetiser before the dinner. Heh. I can eat as many meals as I can each day! Given the lovely sights, we checked out the maps and decided to do another hike tomorrow and make it a short cycling day. I suppose it’s really nice to be able to appreciate the front country and back country! Bike touring is awesome!

As the evening wore on, I was making my second dinner when I spotted a couple of weary cyclists looking for some campsite. I shouted ‘cyclists’ and invited them to join us at our site. They were newly married couple from England and Ireland and were doing a honeymoon tour. They had a pretty stiff climb coming from south (yes, it means downhill for me!) and we chatted over dinner. It was fun to transfer karma credits soonish to other cyclists!

Distance: 12 (2 km bike, 10 km hike)
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 18.37
Comments: Balancing karma feels so good!

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