Isn’t it great to go to sleep with the buzz of insects and wake up to bird songs. It gets better that whenever you wakeup, you get a stunning view of the milky way thro the roof of the tent! Life is awesome.

After the super hot day, we decided to start early and Krissi was up at 6 and I took a while lazing. I made my cup of coffee and a oatmeal b’fast (my staple) and by the time we hit the road it was nearly 7:45.

We planned a 70 km ride today to the Icefield. There were not many interesting hikes along the way and it was going to be uphill all day long. So we focussed and tried to knock of as many km as possible before the sun started roasting us.

It was cold in the morning and I had my layers on till the sun started peeking out of the trees. It was a gentle uphill for the first 40 km or so (with a few stiff ones thrown in). We stopped by at a campground and made a snack / lunch before heading up the big hill for the day.

The shoulder got a bit broken on the next stretch and it was a bot of a work trying to manoeuvre the bike away from the potholes. The views were really nice though and when we got to some wide valley, the view just opened up! But along with it, came some stiff headwinds and I drafted behind Krissi for about 5 km or so when the big hill showed up. It was steep and I was working hard on my granny gear. The shoulder disappeared and I was in the road trying to weave my way uphill. It was annoying that some tourists with big ass Buses (and a towing a car none the less) were too impatient and honked to make way for them. WTF mate, I am slogging my ass here in the heat.

We stopped multiple times up the hill and we had to find whatever shade we could to cool off. On top of one particularly stiff slope an american couple gave us some ice cold water. They didn’t stop at that, they gave us some energy bars, nuts and more water. The lady was running back to the car often to find something for us. She even found a couple of oranges. It was unbelievable. These random acts of kindness from strangers makes the tour so much more memorable.

The next stop up the hill was at a super touristy skywalk. It looked totally silly that hordes of people were paying 20$ to walk over the mountain, when you could actually see it for free. Probably better if you hiked up some hill along the way. The marketing machinery is really working overtime here I reckon.

There was still more uphill to go and we stopped again at a waterfall by the road to cool down. After a long ride, we came down to the valley with views of the massive glaciers. It was pretty beautiful, but the super headwinds started again. Heh, seems like we had to work hard for the day. At the Icefields Center, there were tons of cars and people taking tours into the glacier and the other stuff that tourists do. As we waited there thinking we should go and hike up the glacier today so we can avoid riding back tomorrow, The german family from yesterday showed up and it was nice to see them. They were camping at the ice fields too and I suppose we’d meet them later.

The two of us rode down to the carpark and walked up into the glacier. It got pretty chilly. We didn’t hive the proper shoes to climb up too far and retreated soon after a couple of pictures. The campsite turned out to be just up the road and its another lovely site with a little waterfall in it for a shower (though too cold for me to dunk, I just splashed myself).

The german family was here and they let us camp on their space for free. Really awesome!

Distance: 70 km
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 0.00
Comments: It was a pleasure watching how efficiently Matthias, Tobias, Corina and Sabrina packed up in the morning!

Track Notes