The night’s sleep at the hostel was no better than sleeping in my tent to be honest and I guess the only benefit was that I took a couple of nice showers and managed to wash my clothes too. The evening was spent talking with the dutch cyclist and I was planning to use the bed as long as I could. I was up after 9 am and had some b’fast.

We caught up in the morning too and talked over b’fast. He told me about his theme for travelling which I thought was pretty inspired. He is in Canada to watch the Salmon Run and had a big calendar of animal migrations and other natural events that happen around the world. His idea was to visit as many of these spots and watch the events as they unfold. It’s likely that some of them may stop forever during our lifetimes, given the way we end up consuming a lot of resources and dump a lot of garbage.

A couple of days earlier, myself and Krissie had talked about weather we could cycle down the Icefield parkway together. She was just half a day behind me and I figured if I waited a while she might show up soonish. I got a message from her and we planned to catch up at the visitor centre. The ride down the hill from t hostel was a lot more pleasant that the one going up. I had to get some dinner supplies and fuel in town anyway and so I made my way down there.

Turns out, the camp site she was staying at was pretty noisy and she decided to start early and head into town. We looked at the maps and figured we could get to a camp site about 35 km in today. The ice field Parkway is touted to be a beautiful ride and All of us have been looking forward to riding the and soak in the views. One of the benefits also is that there are no big trucks in the National parks.

Just before we started, a Swiss couple who have been touring walked up to us and gave us their passes for the park. They had decided to purchase a year long pass and asked us to pass it along as we completed the ride. What a great idea. It would save many a cyclist a lot of money travelling thro the parkway!

We started the ride in the hot sun and were telling ourselves it’s going to be a short one. We stopped off to do a hike by a lake for an hour or so. I suppose it just got hotter as we walked up and down. A bit of cooling down in the freezing lane helped a little but as we started riding, the heat got to us again.

I had misplaced my water bottle in town, which I realised late and picked up a coke bottle from a tourist before he could trash it. I drink little water as I ride, but even I ran out of my supply in the heat and there were no creeks to be seen. Just before we hit the popular waterfalls, we found a creek and cooled down and drank a ton of water too.

Another 10 km or so took us to the really nice campsite. I met a couple of german Motorbikers and they are on the Pan-American journey from Alaska to Argentina. I suppose I am on part of it and hey, we are fellow travellers. We spent talking about our respective modes and figuring out why the other’s way is better. It’s always nice to see positives in other people’s journey I suppose. It was fun chatting with them for sure.

Distance: 42 km
Time in saddle: hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 37.01
Comments: Krissi is a Hard-As cyclist!

Track Notes