It was a warm and dry night and I slept watching the skies all night. Was lovely indeed. I was up at 7 and we made b’fast and it was a slow start to the day. It was less then 40 km to Jasper and I was planning to spend a while in town researching options and figured there was not much of a rush to get going.

The family I camped with offered me some hot chocolate (yum) and by the time we started it was 10 AM. They were lighter (or stronger) and rode off much faster than I could. We regrouped whenever they stopped to take pictures and we spotted 3 elks along the way. They are pretty animals and whenever we stopped, some car would stop by and then a host of cars would follow suit.

After the last bit of hill, the family dropped me and rode into the distance. I took a gentler pace and rode into the town of jasper after passing the timeline and adjusting my clock. When I reached the information center, I met Ann again. It took me a while to realise she was the park ranger I had met a couple of days earlier. We spent a while discussing hiking, mountains and cycling and I realised she was saving up to do a Pan American ride in a few years time. Awesome. She pointed a few camping and back country tips that I think might be useful along the way ahead.

The day got much hotter and I was itching to have a decent shower and wash up my clothes. So I caved in and decided to take up a stay at a hostel, about 7 km away. I did some grocery shopping, food for tonight and the next week or so and headed to the hostel. As it would have to be, the place was on top of a steep hill. A dutch cyclist, Krijn, I had met at the visitor center was also heading there and I met him at the hostel. The price was steeper at 30$ for a dorm (in the dark end of the room, duh), but I was glad to have a good scrub and clean my clothes.

I spent the rest of the day talking to the Krijn, the dutch cyclist. Its a bummer that he is heading out too fast. May be I will wait out for Krissi tomorrow to see if our schedules sync. Else I should be on my way. the route is supposed to be stunning.

Route: Luzerne Campground – Jasper
Distance: 40 km
Time in saddle: 3:30 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 87.40
Comments: Gentle slopes towards Jasper. The day got much hotter however

Track Notes