It was a surprisingly disturbed sleep, guess it was he weekend and given that the way was near the Maekhong where the pubs are, it wasn’t surprising. Someone started hitting the bell at 3 am and I couldn’t get much sleep. We packed up at 7 and after b’fast we stopped at a cafe for wifi. Chris had to find some info on Chinese visas and we spent the morning there. It was almost 11 when we decided to get the show on the road.

Another hot day was at hand and I slogged my way thro for the first 40 km. It was 1 pm when we stopped for a break and the store owner invited us to eat some sticky rice. Cool! After that bit of lunch, I decided to take a nap and it was a quick 2 hours. I guess the last few days of riding is getting on my legs and the body took to the rest like fish to water.

We had another 55 km to some town and we targeted that, the roads were rolling, not big hills, but enough to get me working hard. The headwinds were there too, bummer. We did about 30 km or so and stopped for a breather. We were already pushing 5 pm with 25 km more to go. Ouch, looked like another ride in the dark.

The distance was covered slowly and when the sun went down, we slowed a bit more. We reached some village and they told us a wat was probably 3 k’s away. We found the place and once again the monks were nice to let us sleep there. We walked into the shop for dinner, somehow I couldn’t muster an appetite and decided to stick with soy milk.

Guess will do a big b’fast tomorrow and make an early start. We could get to vientiane in 2 days. Whoop whoop.

Route: Thakhek to Namthong
Distance: 107 km
Ascent: 1650 ft
Descent: 1550 ft
Time in saddle: 8:30 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 7.17
Comments: riding in the night is amost more refreshing than riding in the heat. Luckily dogs in Laos are more sedate than the Thai ones.

Track Notes