The kids at the way were up early and when I roused at 6:30, it was because some of the kids were banging on the bell hard. We packed up soon and left as the monks started b’fast. We rode a bit and stopped for some b’fast for ourselves. We got pretty lucky as the lady managed to make us some omelets and we ate it with sticky rice. Not a great idea as it could make us sleepy.

Well the day was warm and I managed to stay up on the ride. It was a slow slog in the morning, with the head winds returning and we made a small stop for drinks. My intermediate target was to get under 100 km to savannakhet and we managed that 30 km just after noon. The sun was burning and we stopped of at a restaurant. Got some fried rice and I decided to rest a while to wait out the noon sun. A good siesta was in order and I took it.

This place seems to have cock fights and behind the restaurant, there were a couple of pits, maybe the weekend has some fights scheduled. It’s really not to my tastes to watch animal fights and I don’t think I’d stop to watch one.

We started at 3, this time counting down towards Vientiane. The big V is about 500 km away and if we did a few big days, we’d by there in 4 more days. But we had to bank in some distance today. I switched to my time trial mode, just slogging hard and eating miles. It’s been a while where I had just focused on riding and today I kept at it. Felt good to see the distance slowly come down. We passed a village at 5:15, but decided to go a bit further.

15 mins later with the sun fading fast, we seemed to be out of luck, the next town is another 15 km away and we decided to stop. A small shop had bananas and we bought 2 bunches. As we were eating, the shop keeper offered some sticky rice from his home. Was a good dinner this. We asked to pitch camp behind the shop and they were nice and let us stay. One of the neighbors told us it would get cold and asked us to sleep in their home. We took up the offer, packed up the tent and moved in.

The family talked to us in Laos, but I had nothing to tell them as I didn’t understand anything at all. Well spent the evening watching some Thai dramas and knocked off.

Route: Mueang Khongxedon to Some Village before Savannakhet
Distance: 112 km
Ascent: 1350 ft
Descent: 1100 ft
Time in saddle: 9:30 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 8.17
Comments: Good flat ride. As it is with Laos, when you look for food, it’s hard to find. Had to eat bananas and handout sticky rice for dinner.

Track Notes