Got to say, there will be little visual content here, given I don’t have a camera these days. Bummer. Well just means you’d have to read the shit I write eh!

Taking Day’s advice, we decided to take the train. He did mention train would be late, but I’d much rather be early for trains than be really on time. So we got to the station by 7 am and got the tickets (100 bhat for ticket and 90 for bike). This was a ride into Bangkok. It was a short 3 hour journey and we got into Bangkok by 11 am.

Chris’s riding buddy from Indonesia, Steve, was in BKK and we decided to check him out and spend the day hanging out. Out next train was at 6 pm or so. Riding in BKK is a crazy affair, it’s really hard to find places given the city is huge and there are narrow roads leading everywhere. But the GPS was immensely helpful and we found our way to the Silom district without any issues at all. It was much harder finding he hostel though. So after looping around and asking at various spots, we managed to find the place. It was a nice, quiet and friendly spot and we hung out using their Internet and waiting for our friend.

When Steve showed up, we swapped travel stories and hung out till it was time to go. We rode up to the next train station, got the tickets, grabbed dinner and headed to leave. As we were informed, the train was late by an hour.

As we went on our way, the train got really crowded and it was difficult sleeping in the tiny chairs. I had to hang my legs over the aisle and every few minutes some one would wake me up while heading to the toilet. Gosh, another sleepless night. Guess I would have a few better days on the bike.

Route: –
Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 11.46
Comments: Thai trains are a lot more comfortable and run just a couple of hours late compared to the terrible Myanmar trains.

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