We made b’fast plans and met up with Steve, Sophie and Ingo at a tea shop. The beach wasn’t too far and we figured a late start wouldn’t really affect our days ride. Steve mentioned that the owner of the tea shop was also the leader of the local mountain bike club, say what!

Some of the bikers came out and hung out with us and after a while they decided to join us on the ride to the maungmugan beach. We took pictures of the grip our and split, Sophie and Ingo were headed south and we rode to the beach with the local riders.

It was a good ride with a tiny hill thrown in. I was riding unloaded and breezed up the mountain and even kept up with their strongest rider. The beach was pretty amid I am seeing the ocean for the first time in almost 3 months. This bit of the beach was setup for locals and there were tons of restaurants dotted along it. We heard there are quieter spots a bit south of here, but hey I am not a beach guy, so decided to give them a miss.

We were treated to some nice omelets and coconut and we headed back to town. We rode thro a quarry which the guys were planning to turn to a proper MTB track. Was cool and surprising to see an active club in this town. We were caught in the rain as we rode back and the guys took us to a local swimming pool. This was rustic with the pool water pumped out from a well. The rain didn’t deter me from jumping in the pool and chilling out a bit before heading back to my room.

We had to settle for a 15$ room again as the last cheap room was taken by a German couple, Mario and Olya. They were very nice to hang out with and we swapped travel stories over dinner. They had tried to take a boat out to the southern tip of Myanmar, but the boats were weather dependent and weren’t sailing in the rain.

I hope the rain eases a bit and we get to ride out tomorrow. I feel well rested and probably a bit pudgy after resting for so many days in a row.

Route: Dawei to Maungmagan Loop
Distance: 38 km
Ascent: 1300 ft
Descent: 1300 ft
Time in saddle: 4:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 14.09
Comments: Dawei is a nice town to hang out in, though limited in tourist attractions, it’s got an active mountain bike club and some places to ride and check out.

Track Notes