We reached Dawei on the narrow roads. There were a few stops along the way and we got to the bus station around 7. It’s been a sequence of many days we have slept the night in buses or trains. We fixed out bikes, packed up and headed towards town. I realized my kitchen pannier had a big rip on the side, likely caused when I had the big fall a few days ago.

It was nice to rode the bike into town, felt good to be on the saddle again. It was 7 km or so and as we reached town, we decided to take stop here and looked for accommodation. All the cheap rooms were taken and we had to settle for a 15$ room in garden hotel. Dang, stay is expensive in Myanmar. We met Steve and Adrian in the hotel. Steve is a kiwi and is in town trying to setup a clinic for a nearby town. He had noticed the lack of basic out patient medical facilities and has been hard at work to get the authorities to let him go ahead with his clinic. Adrian is a Swedish student who is trying to work in developing economies on supporting business establishment. They were nice guys and good to hang out with.

After a quick lunch, I decided. To take a nap. About 2 pm or so, we had a surprise visit from Sophie and Ingo. The German cyclists we met in Laos. Sophie had looked up my blog and had taken the cue and headed thro Mae Sot. It was exciting to meet them and we made plans to catch up for dinner and shoot the breeze.

We learnt that they had a relatively quiet experience in Myanmar and they are heading south for the entire duration of their stay. They have been in quieter parts of the country and managed to camp out a few nights. I guess myself and Chris have been too ambitious to explore the fringes of the country and have had it rougher en it should be. Ah well, that’s the spirit of adventure, you win some you hit the wall in others.

We had a nice dinner and after that walked the streets. There was some sort of festival in town and there were a dozen or more floats followed by live music and truck loads of girls and children dancing along. They kept criss crossing the streets and was like a big party till the wee hours of the night. Turned out that by the time I hit the bed it was past 1 am. Ouch, a short nights sleep if we are to head out to the beaches tomorrow.

Route: –
Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 17.66
Comments: Dawei is a nice town with good beaches and hills around.

Track Notes