Up all night, what with trying to sleep in a contorted pose and the random bounce the train would throw on us every few minutes. Our train stopped off at random spots for hours at a time to allow other trains to pass. Making a delay of 7 hrs or so on the schedule and we had to endure a 30 hr train journey. The last few hours were excruciating.

Both of us wobbled out of the train, the brain still bouncing the inner eat and we feeling woozy from the roller coaster ride. I got to say, I’ve had bad train rides in my life, but this one in Myanmar is probably the worst train experience ever. The only redeeming factor is that the people were extremely nice and every one would stop by for a chat and practice a bit of English and leave us alone after. One of the guys even got us banana chips and refused to take money.

We got off the train at 2 pm and though we were sick of traveling, decided to check out schedules of buses and trains to help us plan for the week ahead. As it turned out, there was a bus to bagan in the night and we figured the least we can do is to visit this historical town and if we aren’t impressed, we could rest there for a day or two before heading south. We met an American couple, Matt & Jennifer who were thinking of heading to Myitkina. We gave them our story and let them figure out if they’d want to go there or not.

We had thee ending to kill, so we got some grub at an Indian restaurant and headed to Sabai Phyu, our regular guest house and spent the evening trying to charge the computers up and just hang out.

A Russian couple, Dennis and Tatiana, were in the same guest house and they were cycling in Myanmar too. We had a short while to talk to them and gave them a quick run down on places we had issues riding in and bid them farewell. A short ride took us to the bus station and this bus had a fancy boot which took both the bikes comfortably, though it cost us 5000 kyat each. Ah well. At least we are heading to some place we can actually ride the bike in.

So it would be another night of sleeping while moving. I much rather prefer riding and sleeping in one spot.

Route: – (Mandalay to Bagan by bus)
Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 25.21 (bus tix were 10,000 kyat and an additional 5000 kyat for bikes)
Comments: we resigned to follow the tourist route as we’ve had 3 strikes on random exploration. Bummer.

Track Notes