We decided to have a late start after a nice brekkie at Du coffee cup. Noom makes nice coffee and by the time I dried out my tents and had the grub, it was half 10.

We decided to take a more or less direct route to Chiang Rai, but still over back roads. The days are sunny and warm and I braced for a warm ride. The start was over a small hill and Chris wasn’t amused by the choice, but after that blip, it was flat all the way down. It was a nice ride thro paddy fields and views of mountains in the distance.

I was feeling good today after a few days of not riding and set a brisk pace on the flattish roads. There were many intersections and change of directions and i waited up for Chris to catch up. We stopped for lunch at a tiny village and ate some noodles and at 2 pm we were still 60 km from home. At one point the road was narrow and I was slightly dozing off I reckon, and I dunked my front wheel into the grass. I lost balance and tumbled over. Luckily it was a gentle fall and I had a good reflex to arrest it well. My first fall on the trip, it was bound to happen some day and fortunate to get away with no damages to bike or body!

Noom’s sister Nuch was kind enough to host us in chiang Rai and I knew where to go. So as we got closer, I tried to avoid the highway and looped thro the airport and made my way here. We hung out at her quaint little cafe (Chiang Rai cafe) and I ate some fried rice and a nice Oreo milk snake for dinner.

Nuch was traveling and came home later after a long day of driving. I was surprised to see Noom also showed up soon. He had taken a bus (a better option to riding eh) and it was pleasant to meet him again. For the next couple of days we’d be doing some research on Myanmar and be riding in and out of chiang Rai, but not much touring. So effectively rest days! Yay!

Route: Chiang Khong to Chiang Rai
Distance: 109 km
Ascent: 1200 ft
Descent: 1000 ft
Time in saddle: 7:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 5.13
Comments: Roads in Thailand are fantastic and easy to get away from traffic thro back roads. Many routes between these towns and always Nice to ride thro the mighty Kok!

Track Notes