Today was to be a day long canoe trip along Nam Tha. We met up with Jan and Julia for b’fast and headed to he green discovery office to start the trip. There was some confusion on how much we had to pay and talking for a bit, it was settled.

The 5 of us hopped into the van with a couple of guides and inflatable kayaks and headed for he river. Chris figured that there was a discrepancy of 100,000 kip in the price and the shop owed us that. I guess we just had to come back and pick that up.

The inflatable kayaks were flat bottomed and sluggish boats, like in the whanganui. But luckily the river seemed to be flowing reasonably well. It was a nice day to be on the river, water was chilly and the sun came in and out. Bianca and Melanie were having a difficult time controlling the boat, like I did in the first day from tarmanui. It’s just not natural to be able to navigate in water I reckon.

We had good fun in the river, after a few hours the plantations stopped and some decent forests popped up which was a good scene to be boating in. A nice lunch by a beach and a few more hours on the boat brought us to the end. Though cheaper than in NZ, I thought it was expensive for what it was. Guess it would be fun to strap a few bamboo poles and float down the river too, for free 🙂

Once we got to the green discovery office, we tried to explain the situation of over paying, but the guy refused to see he logic and instead changed his story on how much money we gave him and how much he returned. I figured, he was not trying to pocket the money but just unwilling to admit he made a mistake. Guess we were banging our heads on an issue that would not see resolution, how can you refute irrational behavior with logic. I suggested to Chris to write off the money and we moved off. I got to say its partly our mistake not to have worked out the sums in the morning, but also green discovery is to be blamed for having a not so professional setup but still charging premium prices.

We decided to run back home and head to the sauna again. Another evening of relaxing. Later in the vending, Chris and Rene cooked up some food and Bianca and Melanie made some curry and omelettes. It was a fantastic meal and refreshing to eat a lot of veggies in one go. We spent the evening talking, listening to some nice music, a Bon fire, beerlaos and Lao lao’s. It got to almost 1 am before I hit the bed.

Tomorrow we have to head out early to catch the 8 am bus to Huay Xai, our visa runs out tomorrow and we need to leave, though reluctantly.

Route: –
Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 71.00
Comments: Guess the lesson is to make sure we settle at the time. Losing face seems to be a big issue.

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