I got up early in the morning, though it was a long day yesterday. After cleaning up, i realized lost of my clothes were still wet and had to get on my spares for the day. Myself and Chris had to find b’fast on the budget and walked around the village scouting. We spotted some bananas for 5000 kip and some sticky rise banana for 500 easy. We cleaned up the store and got a couple of packs of instant coffee. My b’fast was about 7000 kip, cheapest I’ve had till now. I followed it up with loads of condensed milk and hit the road.

The road climbed for a couple of Km’s and the amazing descent started. It was 20 km of non stop descent with a 1000 m elevation loss. Sweeping corners on the roads and beautiful views all around. After hitting the river at the bottom, It was a long slogging climb of 600m for the next 10 km. I met a few Thai cyclists who were on a round the world tour themselves too. This road is turning out to be a cyclist superhighway, partly because it’s great roads and views, but also because this is the only road available. Heh.

After chatting with the, I tried to power up to the summit. The view from the top was beautiful and I relaxed and sat there enjoying the view till we all regrouped.

Though I thought it was the summit, there was a bit more climb to go. After another epic descent, We stopped for lunch and I ate some dough balls with bean paste and a bunch of bananas. Score for another cheap meal, 8000 kip. It got super hot within minutes and the sun was going nowhere. It was just 20 more km to Luang Prabang and hoping it would be flat or downhill, we started.

It wasn’t to be and there was last curveball for the day. Some rolling hills and one small climb later we got into town. First thing I did was hit an ATM and replenished my wallet, makes me feel like a new person, heh.

Once we got into town, I decided to find a temple to camp in (had to keep with the budget day). But we were rejected in a couple of spots and a monk informed us that they stopped allowing camping in temples in this town.

We met a Chinese cyclist, Chen Wen, who took us to he backpackers he was staying at. It was 2000 kip and it was nice to be staying with another cyclist. We talked a lot and Chris was polishing his Chinese too. We regrouped for dinner at the night market at an all you can eat spot (one plate only) at 10000 kip. We hind out on the streets till 11 pm and retired.

Hopefully, we have a late start tomorrow and get a few km out of town.

Distance: 80 km
Ascent: 3400 ft
Descent: 7000 ft
Time in saddle: 7:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 10.83
Comments: ultra budget day, woohoo!

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