The plan was to leave early today, but whenever we stay with hosts, we end up spending a nice Chung of time talking before good byes. Today was no exception.

I was up at 6:30 and packed up quickly. Jo had got us some bread and we toasted them and ate it with PB & J. I also had some leftovers which I finished up! We talked to Jo and played with the dogs. The pups knew we were leaving and were disappointed. I got to give me a big belly rub to perk their spirits up. Jo promised she’d show me how to make a cake next time I show up. I am somewhat of an expert in making lemon cheese cake now 🙂

Leaving the dogs after living with them for a few days was a bit hard, being a super dog person does not help at all. So I decided to take a bit of their memories with me and named my bike pumpkin after the go den retriever.

We left at 9 am, which was cutting it close to get to a nice spot Jo recommended called blue lagoon, which was 120 km away.

We were riding along the road when Chris spotted Patrice, the Swiss guy we met a couple of days back. He caught up to us and due to some paper work he needed to do, he couldn’t ride with us. But we rode down the road and talked over coffee for a while. He’s really cool chap and fun to hang out with and is off on a Vietnam tour next month, it’s very likely that we might sync up and ride for a while in Vietnam!

It was noon when we left the coffee shop and blue lagoon was not going to be a possible. We rode a gentle pace on the flat roads and when we got closer to the lake, I decided to check out the road along the lake. Turned out that the lake was a reservoir for a hydro project and surrounded by mountains. The road went up the hill and we had a bit of a warm up for the days ahead with some climbs, but we had no view of the lake at all. Bummer.

When we got to a village near the dam, we spotted a nice gazebo by the side of the road. Perfect for 2 tents. But one of the neighbors walking by didn’t want us to sleep there and said something like its a rest spot for army. So we had to move on.

In the next village, we tried asking for shelter at a wat, but we were turned down. The monk was polite and always smiling when saying no. We tried a couple more stealth camping spots, but the town was too busy for us to stealth camp and ended up at a guest house. We haggled the price from 80000 to 50000 kip and decided to stay there.

A quick dinner at a noodle shop and I was ready to knock out. Mountains start tomorrow. Going to be a hard, few days.

Distance: 99 km
Ascent: 1100 ft
Descent: 1100 ft
Time in saddle: 6:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 11.50
Comments: Pumpkin it is, officially named my bike!

Track Notes