The stay at the mosque was awesome. I should have gotten in on this earlier. It’s not just this stay bit, it’s meeting the awesome people who genuinely want to help you and give you shelter, that’s what I am going for. Thank you! The night got cooler and I slept really well.

We woke up at 6 am when the prayer was starting and left the place by 7! The earliest start I’ve had yet! The idea was to get across the border by noon and make our way to songkhla where Chris had found a place through couch surfing. The day was going to be long and the early start would help for sure.

At about 8, we rocked up to a small shop for some grub and pushed on. It was mostly flat along the coastal route that we took and we set some blistering pace, 27 kmph. But, then we were drafting each other and when we hit the hills, Andres dropped us two and flew off… There were some short but stiff climbs along the way, which made for some change to the monotonous ride. We got together before the immigration point and wheeled through. It was short work there and we were in Thailand! Before Noon Malaysia time!

The route out of Padang Besar was kind of a boring highway, so it was about clocking distances. Guess all of us zoned out and I kept my quiet pace which left me far behind. I was surprised to find that the roads had a lot of traffic along the way and it was not the quiet solitude that’s advertised about Thailand. I guess crossing Thailand is going to be a bit nerve racking. We made our way slowly but steadily through the traffic and the crowded streets and eventually ended up at the outskirts of Hat Yai. It was still 25 more km to go, but we decided to stop for a bit and grab lunch.

First, we had to look for an ATM, which was a bit of a difficult thing because some of the ATM’s did not wish to support my card. FInally, I got the cash and we went to a small store for some noodle soup. it was cheap and tasty, and I ate it in record time I reckon. I am going to enjoy the food here!

We slowly made our way to Songkhla. The entire route was crowded with scooters and cars and every sort of vehicle and it was a chore navigating through. About 3 km from town, we stopped for some wifi and iced tea. The stuff is cheap here and we contacted Kabir, who is our host here. He invited us over to his cafe, the Secret garden, which is a really cozy place with nice ambience and a lot of local kids hanging around. I had a shower, worked on my pictures and blogs and am ready to eat dinner now!

Phew, good day of riding, back to back 140 Km days and I am feeling good! Woohoo!

Distance: 143 km
Ascent: 1200 ft
Descent: 1050 ft
Time in saddle: 9:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 23
Comments: Welcome to Thailand, Have a nice day!


The 3 bikes standing without stands at the Thai-Malaysian Border.

Welcome to Thailand, have a nice day!

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