After the few days off, we were all ready to leave and head toward Thailand. I was up at 7 and so were the boys and we started off at 8 sharp. That’s the earliest start I’ve had in this trip. I guess it was nice as the sun was low still and the weather a bit palatable. There was quite a bit of haze in the morning and as we took the ferry across to Butterworth, Penang faded out of view.

There was a nice place for b’fast where we spent a while eating and resting and off we went along the flat roads towards Alor Setar. Having the duo with me meant that we were drafting each other and with e flats, we set a good speed.

I figured we could actually take a quieter route along the coast, though it was slightly longer. It was nice, but there were a couple of stiff up slopes to cross. It was ok work and later we ended up on more flat roads. At some point, I decided to ride within my limits and ell back a little bit. But we regrouped for lunch and moved on together.

As we hit Alor Setar it was al oat 4+ with 120 km under the legs. But we didn’t want to stay there, I got some grub there at the “old town white coffee” and we rode another 20 km or so toward Air Hitam. Closer to 6, we started searching for a mosque to ask for shelter. Chris and andres have had good experience in spending nights at mosques and we figured we’d get lucky again. We sourced out two spots, but both were empty with no one in them. So we went off a little bit to a market to get some dinner and popped by again to the mosque at 7 pm.

Luckily this time around, there were some folks who were nice enough to let us sleep in the yard and showed us some spot. They also invited us to break fast with them. People are fantastic. The good thing about being. Here is also that there is water to be had and toilets and showers too! Isn’t that cool…

We sat with them for a while during the prayer time and hit the sack. I am getting to use my sleeping equipment for the first time on the trip. We setup tent in the car park, but they decided it would be inconvenient for us and moved us into the school, with lights and fans. Guess I’d get a great night’s sleep now. Awesome!

Distance: 139 km
Ascent: 750 ft
Descent: 900 ft
Time in saddle: 9:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 13.2
Comments: Masjid at Air Hitam gave us a great place to stay!

Hazy day to start from Penang

Passing through Alor Setar.

Prepering for the night out at the Masjid carpark at Ayer Hitam

Masjid at Ayer Hitam

Raised teh seat post by 3/4 of an inch to make the ride a bit more comfy.

Track Notes