So today was for the visa run. Yesterday, we hung out at the yacht club with Alex, may and some of their friends, and it was a nice evening.

This morning, I was up as usual and we rode up to the Thai embassy to submit the forms. There was a bit of a queue out there and we had to spend a while to submit the application. As it turned out there is no visa processing fee for me, thank you Singapore, thank you Thailand! Keep e good relations going! That was a savings of 110 rm! Woohoo!

After finishing up there, we headed into little India and I had some grub at the Ananda Bhavan. The place serves some kick ass South Indian fare and free flow chutneys in buckets. Awesome! I had my last helping of cheap and decent Indian food for the next long while…

We headed back after that and bummed around till evening to collect the visas. About half 3, I rode into the embassy to collect my visa, when I met this German cyclist queuing up.after chatting I realized that he is on a ride (almost a year now) with his wife and two children (3 and 1 year olds). Holy cow! We swapped stories and he mentioned his earlier trip a decade ago when he rode around the world. Was real cool to meet him!

The evening was another a gathering with friends here and we had a really good time. So long Penang, you’ve treated me well. Thank you Alex, May, Tori for a great Hospitality!

Tomorrow I’d be back on the saddle heading north!

Distance: 0 km (about 40 km, but I don’t want to count)
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 46.7
Comments: visa’s done and for free!

Track Notes