I was all prepped to hit the Thai embassy in the morning, Chris and Andres were supposed to wake at 5, go down for some chow and meet me at the embassy, but they all slept in and I was the first to rise at 7 and we moved asses about 8:30. It was a nice ride into town, looking for the embassy and we got there at 9:05 to read a notice saying the embassy is closed for two days due to public holiday in Thailand. I think these things always come in droves. All of us were scratching our heads on the delay, but hey, cest la vie.

We rode down to a do sim place for b’fast. But I could eat only some chee chong fan and some egg tarts, cos every thing was dripping with meat. It was nice though and after waiting for a bit, I hit the bike shop, which was the plan and shopped for a spare chain and some tubes. I got them and gave my bike some nice clean and lube and adjusted breaks etc…the bike shop was friendly and the customers were curious about my ride etc…

After that was done, we had nothing to do so I suggested we could do some random riding in town, which slowly morphed into a rise in the east coast, we went on and on on the boring highways and thro the industrial belt spotting wafer fabs and other electronic giant’s setting up shop. I didn’t enjoy this bit, but the roads were paved and it was easy work. We came to the new penang bridge (which is yet to open) and I realized we were almost at the southern end of the island. We decided to make a loop and make it a tour de Penang for the day. It was hot as we got into the hills but was easy riding up without any load on the bike. The descents were so much fun with winding, twisty roads. There was another big hill to climb and by the time we came home, it was a good 82 km ride. I feel good!

Alex later took us on a short walk up a hill to see the Penang coast and skyline and that was nice too. So though the day started with a down, it turned to be a good one after all. Penang is a lovely place to ride, the roads are narrow, but the hills are a lot of fun. I don’t know what I got to do tomorrow. But I suspect something will come up!

Distance: 83 km
Ascent: 1700 ft
Descent: 1700 ft
Time in saddle: 5:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 14.44 (60$ for bike supplies)
Comments: Tour de Penang, done and dusted!

Climbs on the Tour de Penang

Yummy, Egg Tarts!

Yummy, Chee Cheong Fan.

Fantastic Burgets from this classic stall! Eggs, onions, cabbages. Yummy!

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