Today startes the 4 grueling days of wait. The good news is that I am done with one day!

I woke up at 7 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Such a bummer when it’s a long rest day ahead. I got some breakfast and bummed till noon and took the ferry to Penang. The idea being that I’d stay in a budget place and if Chris and Andreas managed to find a good host, then I could switch to their place later. Anyway, it was a hot day and I hid in my room all afternoon.

I did some searches for bike shops and tattoo parlors and realized there are some of both near where I am. So I went on a scouting walk and first found the bike shop. The guy was friendly and seems like he can hook me up with a steering column extender as well. I might give the bike some TLC on Monday and get it ready for the next leg.

The tattoo shops turned out to be a bit more tricky to find, and 2 shops I had sourced seemed to have moved out or out of business. Bummer. But I found another one later in the evening and a short walk later I am stamped for Malaysia!

After that I walked around the little India district, which Feels like I am back in Singapore. It didn’t disappoint and I got a real cheap dinner at 4.70 rm. Beat that!

Sunday is going to be harder to spend, but I think I’d take a bike ride along the coast in the morning, and rest in the afternoon. Lets see how that goes.

Distance: 5 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:30 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 26.92 (excluding tattoo)
Comments: Day 1 done. Malaysia stamped!

The Ferry RIde across to Penang

Malaysian Stamp!

Track Notes