So I started from the shit hole early today. My room was next to the shared showers and I woke up to strange noises, gah! I’d be better off camping, but these towns are choke full of houses and no place to stealth camp anywhere.

Anyway, I was up and out of the door at 9AM and I planned to get to sitiawan about 90 km away. I couldn’t find b’fast so headed out on an empty stomach. Luckily I saw a Chinese stall making tradition b’fast and I ate a few slices of toast, 4 eggs and 2 hits on the milo! B’fast of champions!

The morning ride was pleasant and I soon made my way out of Selangor and into Perak. There was an instant change in the scenery with wide fields (which was causing issues with winds) and the stagnant water smell was nowhere… Selangor, tidy up! But after 11, the sun got high and the loud cover was sparse. It made for hot work on the saddle. Luckily, no creepy characters or dogs today and I slowly made my way clocking down the K’s.

I stopped at a small store for drink, the soy milk was good and I took a packet of orange mango syrupy liquid for the road. The sugar hit kept me going for e next 10 km or so but it got real hot and I had to take another break. This is when the GPS ran out of battery. I was too lazy to dig out the spares from the bag and decided to get to sitiawan as planned. It was slow going for the last leg and I finally got to town. This is another typical town, with not much to say about it. I rode around looking for some cheap place to stay.

That’s when I saw a place called palace hotel and thought I might stay there. I went up to the ‘lobby’ when I saw a bunch of girls sitting there and looking at the stairs. An old lady showed up and asked me, what the hell I want. I realized its less of a hotel and more of a brothel. I guess after 90 km on hot roads, I wasn’t in the best shape to look for accommodation here. So I ran down and found another place called flamingo. This is a pretty clean looking spot and they claimed it to be 2*. Well at least they had a proper lobby and elevators and the guy gave me an additional discount and at 55rm, I won’t complain.

After cleaning up, I checked up the maps and I realized I was an idiot to stay here, when 10 km down, at the beach side, there are lots of accommodation and its a boat ride to Pulau Pangkor! Pangkor is a snorkeling haven, and I was a bit bummed I didn’t fix the batteries and consulted GPS before checking in.

Aw well, there are more beaches to come and anyway, I’d have had too little energy to scout the beach tonight… So sitiawan it is for the night.

Distance: 90 km
Ascent: 100 ft
Descent: 200 ft
Time in saddle: 6:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 36.7
Comments: should have stayed at palace hotel :-p

Breakfast of Champions. Just add eggs.

Intense heat in the day creates natural fires on the plains.


Now, thats a decent meal :-)

Now, thats a decent meal 🙂

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