Seems to me, I am getting road ready after a week of riding… I was up at 8 and felt ready to leave. Though I lazed a bit and was 9+ before I left the motel. I just shaved 3 kg or so with the shipment, but the difference was apparent to me even at the start. Of course, it could be the mild weather, some stronger quads and the flat roads, but I am not going to discount the weight reduction.

The first bit was escaping Klang. It was a cacophony of streets, better then JB, but still a bit of a hassle to find my way out. I felt good pedaling down the highway, but got bored soon given I was constantly dodging traffic and was looking for quieter roads. The GPS is a real god send as I managed to see some small coastal roads parallel to the highway, so off I went and enjoyed some peaceful quiet riding. It stopped at some point and I was back on the big roads.

I had to skip b’fast as I was busy looking for my way out of town and eventually contended myself with a milo. I got hungry soon and stopped by some bakery for a couple of donuts and some isotonic.

Then the 2 strange incidents happened. Firstly, I was stopped by some random guy who tried to, umm, let’s say, spend some time with him. I got the hell out of that one. And later a father son duo stopped me and the guy asked me to adopt the kid. WTF guys, I am sorry to say, I am getting a bad feel for selangor. Firstly, the place stinks, the scenery is bad and I get strange encounters. Hmmm.

Later on, I stopped at a small town, which seemed to be a tourist spot. I had some grub and didn’t feel like stopping. So I chose to head down to the next town, Sungei Besar, about 25 km up the road. At some point I got chased by 2 dogs, hmm, they are packing together now. well I escaped unscathed again!

Once again, I found some quiet back streets and enjoyed the ride much. It’s always nice when I see bunch of school kids looking at me in surprise and then bursting out with thumbs ups and cheers. Happened a few times as the village road had many schools along it. I finally made it to town and rode around looking for decent place to stay. Seems like the only decent one is being renovated and I am lodging in a turn of the century (last one, not this one) dump. At 40 rm, it’s ok, given it has windows at least. Guess Sungei Besar wasn’t a good bet to stop at, but I don’t have much of a choice really.

Distance: 108 km
Ascent: 200 ft
Descent: 300 ft
Time in saddle: 7:00 hrs
Expenses: $28.8
Comments: Side trips into village roads was fun.


Quiet back roads are fantastic to bike on.

Track Notes