During a long journey, there are going to be days like this, boring scenery, some traffic, bad roads ending with an expensive stay… Better to get them out of the way early!

The stay yesterday was nice and I slept we’ll after doing the extra distance… I felt good in the morning but didn’t leave till 9:30. All the awesomely cheap stalls were closed in the morning so I had to start off without food. It took me almost an hour before I spotted a small joint selling parata. The roads, as I mentioned were starting to get some traffic and was boring to ride on. It was just a matter of putting the miles today!

Selangor has been a bummer to ride in, there seems to be a lot more stagnant ditches near the ocean and they smell to hell and back. Strange to see condos coming up everywhere in these stinky parts. I guess it’s the loaded KL populace trying to claim a beach front property that is investing here.

The traffic as I started to get closer to Klang was a but rough and a couple of times container trucks passed me inches away. Nothing I haven’t experienced in Sg roads, but still jarring. At one point, I was chased by a dog. Luckily I was ready for him and conserved energy before I reached him and the moment I realized he’s going to give a chase, I opened up and accelerated like mad 🙂 that’s one way to deal with the pesky buggers, won’t work all the time though.

I was hoping to bunk in in the out skirts of Klang, which seems to be a good idea, given budget hotels are 70 rm here, they’d be more expensive in town. Anyway, the neighborhood is nice with lots of cafes and a ultra big shopping mall thrown in. There is even a rodalink bike shop near by! They helped me remove the kick stand off my bike.

I decided to strip some weight off my bike and took out the kick stand (useful, but I can live without it) and my big ass camera. I am sure there will be a point I will regret it, but my legs are going to thank the weight savings.

It’s nice to end the day early, gives me time to do some stuff and also rest well…

Distance: 76 km
Ascent: 250 ft
Descent: 150 ft
Time in saddle: 5:00 hrs
Expenses: $67
Comments: Boring day on high traffic roads.

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