I woke up to an overcast day. The room with window didn’t seem to help, bummer. It was half 9 when I hit the road. But the day was mild and no sun in sight, I figured I’d get to Port Dickson and make a call on weather to stay or push on.

I had a b’fast break along a small village and ate about half a loaf of bread. After that the route was gentle until I got close to PD, when it started climbing long and hard. I was pretty slow on the up hills and the descent was much fun. I was in PD by noon and hit up a no ya restaurant. But as luck would have it, they didn’t make much veggie food and I ended up with bland veggies and plain rice. Ah well, their chendol was pretty nice and I ate a double serving.

Now I had to decide to stay or leave. It was just noon and I had clocked just under 50 km. felt like I could go on for a couple more hours, so off I went. I was informed there would be some hotels along the way to sepang and I hoped to stop if I got tired.

The route had some big hills and I was tired climbing and started looking to stop. But this was palm plantation country and there was no place for me to crash. And obviously too early to stealth camp. So I kept going till I got to the sepang village, which is nothing you’d see when the F1 circus comes to town. The place was a bit skanky with open gutters and smelled silly. On top there was no place to stay. Dang, so off I went again.

I passed by another village, where a motorcyclist told me of some beach resorts about 10 km away. I saw a sign pointing to a narrow road, and after taking that, it led into tiny streets between palm plantations. I persisted and came across a sizable resort, the pricing was way off my budget and they were nice enough to point me to another place that would be cheaper.

That’s how I ended up at the bagan ville resort. This is a surprisingly happening bit of beach with difficult approach but a bustling resort and foodie crowd. Got a nice little room at 65 rm and had dinner (huge servings with fresh coconut too) at an unbelievable 6 rm. What!!!

Distance: 88 km
Ascent: 1000 ft
Descent: 1100 ft
Time in saddle: 7:00 hrs
Expenses: $36.40
Comments: Unplanned long day with constant head winds.

Diner at Bagan Lalang.

Low tide lets people walk deep into the ocean

Gold Coast resort at Bagan lalang.

Good Bye Melaka

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