The place yesterday had a faux window. A grill in the bathroom which brought light from the corridor. Wasn’t much help given lights were on all night and I couldn’t say if it was day or night. I did manage to wake up early, but was almost 9 AM before I got on the road.

I got some b’fast at a local cafe, they served good coffee though! It was sunny when I started but the short day and the good rest was a good thing and I slowly pedaled my way up towards Melaka. Along the way, e greetings and cheers from locals kept me enthusiastic. I had planned to bypass Melaka, though its a pretty town, I had nothing to do there and had planned to go to a beach side for the night.

At the outskirts of Melaka, I spotted a peranakan place and wanted to have lunch there. It turned out to be a very popular joint and I didn’t think my request for veggie food would go well, so I contended myself with a chendol and a couple of drinks and went on my way.

The road out of Melaka was narrow and heavy with traffic. But as it is with Malaysia, people are very gracious and waited behind me to overtake. Awesome! The scenery also changed, seems like a couple of protected forests exist here and I had a nice quiet ride alongside them. The terrain was a bit of rolling hills and it took a bit of toll on the old quads.

At some point, I spotted a place making fermented rice cakes, but it was a small factory and I couldn’t get to eat. As luck would have it, the people running the place, were intrigued by the presence of a strange creature and invited me in for a drink. The lady had recently returned from India and was talking about her trip. And even have me a laddoo, who’d have thunk! Followed by the fermented rice cake, gratis! Woohoo!

After the break, I had a short ride to the beach. But as it turned out, the beach was beautiful, but most of the chalets were closed (might be the crowds are sparse during Ramadan). I cycled down looking for cheap spots, but most were either closed or were pricy. I finally hopped down to a resort, where the manager gave me a room for 50rm, though the posted price was 110 rm, complete with Aircon and wifi! More karma collection going on…

I had to wait till 6PM to get dinner. But as I was heading out, it started raining hard. Hunger overtakes all adversities and I braved the storm to take a 10 minute walk to a local joint. The food was excellent and I had 2 helpings of fried rice! Yum…

Distance: 83 km
Ascent: 900 ft
Descent: 1250 ft
Time in saddle: 7:00 hrs
Expenses: $33.80
Comments: quiet day with occasional head winds.






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