As it is with starts from home, I was leisurely, packed my bags up, checked for any missing items, had a b’fast and chat with folks. By the time I hit the road, it was hall past 10. Ah well, I figured, it’s day 1, I am going to do a short distance so no biggie.

The day was pretty warm, which changed to real hot (that’s Panas in Malay) with no clouds in sight and mercury hitting 34C. The bike with all the gear on it was like jello, stiffness be gone, we are riding steel here. I could sense the bike being springy whenever I got out of the saddle to get an extra boost of speed… The total load with bike rider and gear is about 120 KG. I think I am straddling the thin line of what is acceptable on the bike… Time to shed some of the weight off my body :-p

Crossing the border on the bike was a breeze, as it has always been my experience. A sadistic pleasure when I saw there were a few hundred cars queued up, take that!

Once I crossed over to Malaysia, I carefully avoided the big highways that took me out of JB and followed the signs into town. I was looking to eat at my little nook, but it was closed. But this is JB, food’s a plenty and I picked up another store for some kothu parata (that’s parata torn to pieces and stir fried with eggs) and fresh coconut. All for 8 RM, gotta love this place.

Now was the time to choose, east or west. And I decided west it is, why not eh! The roads are fantastic to bike in here, at many stretches, there was separated bike lanes (for motocaikal it says, but bicaikal is perfectly fine). The west coast is pretty different from east, the roads are wider, place is a bit more industrial, more factories and stuff, but lot less fruits and shops. Took me a while to find some 100Plus. The heat was getting to me and I had to take a couple of quick stops when I found shade…

The final one was about 10 km from Pontian when I spotted a unused fruit shop (duh). I stopped there and lay down for 20 minutes, the rest did a ton of good and I powered my way into town. After scouting, I found a hotel to stay for the night, a bit pricy at 50 RM, but I think it’s ok till I warm up to the load and the journey.

A nice dinner by the beach while watching the sunset and a relatively early shut eye in Aircon comfort! Awesome.

Distance: 95 km
Ascent: 1200 ft
Descent: 1500 ft
Time in saddle: 7 hrs
Expenses: 38 $
Comments: None.






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