The rest day was very good and watching the Hobbit was nice and we could understand walking the forests in rain and all of us were smiling when the movie went out to the South Island. Can’t wait to get there really.

I slept pretty well and woke up early enough. We boiled up the 18 eggs, had a slice of leftover pizzas and were ready to get cracking at 9. The guy who runs happy Dayz was nice and we got a ride to the trail head which meant 6 km less walk on the fast roads.

The trail started sluggish on a steep slope. There was a bit of lethargy for the first 5km and the energy shot up as we got into the bush. We met a nice little doggie on the way and played with him before starting the bush track.

The trail was a steep climb to the ridge and then was a lovely up and down on the ridge line. I kind of like walking on the ridge, it’s just at the tree line with a bit of exposure to the sky and goes up and down which is a nice relief as you walk.

The trail was fantastic and was freshly cut and wide to walk in. Getting to the summit of dome was a long climb and after that it was a nice descent to the other side. The tea room was an inviting place and I ended up with a flat white and a really good carrot cake.

We decided to walk a few more k’s for the day as it was just 4 pm and we were energetic. The trail went thro some forest roads and it petered out to a narrow bush road. Checking the GPS reminded us of Raetea as the route was away from where we were walking. We backed up a bit to look for any alternate routes, but none existed, luckily. We pushed on and after a muddy section, we ended up on the Smythe Road. I guess we were starting to get tired and were looking for camp sites.

As we came across an house, we decided to ask them for any nearby campsites. Being me, the thick skinned guy, I asked the family if we can pitch in their lawn. They were fantastic folks and Carol even have us some left over fish and coleslaw to go with our dinner.

I had a nice meal of kouskous in miso sauce and Moroccan seasoning, couple of boiled eggs (from the morning) an coleslaw to add to the crunchiness.

We are pitched in their back yard as I write this. I think I can never stop admiring the kiwi hospitality! Awesome day of tramping with a fantastic end.

Distance: 24 km
Ascent: 2000 ft




Track Notes