Recently I took my custom New World Tourist across the globe, literally. Though most of the times it flew, I did have the opportunity to ride the wheels off it across continents.

I have been on the road for the past 3 months (which I expect to continue for a while more) and the short stint has seen me riding, hiking, running, travelling, musing and plainly lazing in Siberia, China, Oregon, New England, Alaska and of course my home base Singapore. There are many interesting adventures to recount, but first a heads up to the green monster for making it easy to travel to places and still giving me the flexibility to ride around on a familiar bike.


*Baikal sounds like Bike-All which is sort of  testimony to the flexibility of the Bike Friday NWT. Though if I am not flying too many times, I am tempted to go back to my Surly LHT to ride long hauls.

Track Notes