So what are adventures made of? What about this… Quitting a perfectly saucy rock festival selling the last day tickets to a black market dealer at a under par price, hitching a ride to an unknown destination, stopping mid way at another unknown place, hunt around a dozen motels without success and spending the night roaming the streets with street walkers, bums and stoners.

Well that about sums up day 2.5 in japan. After a marathon day and night of rebelling at Fuji Rock and suffering at Omiya, at least, I am on a reserved seat to the farthest Shinkansen can take me, Hachinohe. The idea is to get a bit of shut eye on the train and if possible, seek out the peace and quiet I was so looking forward to.

We planned to get to the north end of the island yesterday, but a combination of Jenny, Natsuke and Jaime cullum delayed the proceedings a bit and later we learnt that the trains don’t run in the night and we were stuck stopping at an intermediate point, Sendai, at midnight. I brilliantly suggested that we should get off at the transfer point, Omiya, at a more godly hour of 2200. Well the idea was good but no cigar at the end. Every hotel in sight was booked to the full… We enlisted the help of helpful waiters and waitresses to call every hotel in the directory and the result was the same. More edamame consumed and more disappointment from the hotels.

We however spotted a 24 hr McDonald and after much deliberation decided to bunk there… I got a courtesy 100 jpy yogurt and as it turns out it is a literal bum hangout and the yogurt is the key for admission. Ah well, we spent hour after hour staring at each other, recalling silly seinfeld comedies and trying to see how some feller gets to sleep in the not so comfy chairs. The maintenance guy was a hoot as he made sure he woke up anyone sleeping and asked them not to spoil the business facade… People get up, take a courtesy sip of the yogurt and promptly dozed off. I was not particularly sleepy and just stayed up. The rub came at 0300 when the guy said that the place is closed. What a 24 hr joint closes? Doh…

Post mcD, we headed out for a walk into the town looking for the elusive Internet pub… It was, like I mentioned, 3 in the morning and the groggy walking around the dead streets led us no where… Well the station opened at 30 past 3 and we tired to look around across the station. The station was burning hot inside and we had to run out to the relative cool outside… We found another 24 hr mcD and that was shut down till 5. Not surprising anymore… But this side was lively with more human presence though they were primarily street walkers and pimps. Well an overall poor impression of omiya, I don’t want to diss the town but not a place I will choose to come in a pinch.

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