Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov. You can read all about him on the wiki pages. He founded St.Petersburg. A truly charming town and probably the most European’ised in Russia. It is probably the nicest place I visited West of the Urals.

I also think this town is preserved better than most other places after the great Wars. There seems to be some authenticity to the architecture and the tallest structures seem to be the one constructed by Peter. And the other tall structure is that or Peter himself. History has it that he fought the Swedes here and made St. Petersburg an important port town too. Incidentally, St. Petersburg was meant to be a model of Modern Russian in the 17th Century.

Since I was in the mode of shooting panoramas, I shot this one as a 7 shot sequence too and made a deepzoom composition. I wished there were some people for scale but it was a sunny but cold and windy day, so no luck there. It is really a tall structure, you can observe the apartments at the background for scale.

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