This is a start to a sequence of image posts based on some of the pictures I shot in Russia. Starting on a holy note, we visited numerous churches during our trip and each one was them was spectacular. Some large, some small but all of them equally beautiful. I think It is difficult to convey the beauty and details in words and tricky with pictures sometimes. I hence decided to go along in creating deepzoom imagery to really drive the beauty of these structures.

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This was the smallest church we visited in the whole trip. Somewhere in Ekaterinburg and in my enthusiasm, I forgot to note the name down. I am sure someone will step up in filling for my memory loss. Please do let me know the name so that I can have a proper document for interested visitors. Till then enjoy the imagery.

This is the Chapel of St. Catherine and is right here.

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I am unable to find much history of this chapel, but feel free to let me know in the comments.

Note: the view above is composed using stitching 4 images in Photoshop and composing them using Microsoft’s excellent Deep Zoom composer.
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