A long trip now-a-days means tons of images. Given that digital camera allows you to play the statistical game on the cheap along with images that are carefully composed, I seem to end up with a mish-mash of images that I intentionally shot and numerous grab shots. The challenge I face is editing.

I have numerous carefully crafted images that do not seem to work when I see them at the editors desk. There may still be images in them but I am unable to extract the mood I want. So those are easy to discard. The grab shots are a bit more tricky. Since I did not plan them, I have to work on a story while editing. The trouble is that when I see them in new light (sic), I have many interpretations of the image. Some do not work off the bat. So they get discarded. But the ones that I think have some mileage take way too much time to work on. Should I crop? Does it work better in monochrome? I like the blue but the yellow is distracting.

The agony of choice!

I am also struggling in terms of figuring out whether I should post images in batches (which will keep my audience engaged) vs. post them all at once (audience will get the whole story). It does not help that my fellow travelers have been posting stunning images and I seem to either have repetitions or less interesting pictures to show. Working on stronger compositions is going to take even longer, darn…

Anyhow, I suppose since I was traveling with some really good photog’s, The travel images are out for the general audience. However, my personal fans (all 2 of you) will have to wait till the goods come out. I am frantically working on it, but do not wish to short change the story value of the images. So please continue waiting, I will come up with the goods asap.

Track Notes