Wow, it is really over. Am heading out to Moscow to catch my flight back. In the couple of days in St Petersburg, I managed to pick up some awesome souvenirs and artwork that will work very well in my house. St.Pete is the hub of arts and crafts and I heard that there are tons of artists busy with their craft on the streets in summer. I have to believe that because even in this cold I found few artists on the street. Of course, I had to patronize street artists and I picked up some impressionist oils there.

I guess I left a good impression on the manager of the hotel – she was off shift but still sent a note with warm regards 🙂 That’s a check for St.Petersburg.

We took the morning express Sapsan from St.Pete to Moscow. The high speed train made short work of the distance and we were in the capital by 1100. It is kind of interesting that the trains have progressively gotten better in this trip and the rides shorter. It really helps to alleviate the rail fatigue.

We decided to laze the morning in a cafe. Found a starbucks and stuck there till 1300 before taking the express train to the airport.

Well Moscow was not going to displease me as the baristas were hot. Had a pleasant time in the cafe and a bit of relaxation before I catch the long flight home. To that is a check for Moscow. I should say that a country where every city you visit has friendly people is an alright country. It is more that alright, it is great.

Heading back, I am thinking of the 2 weeks in Russia. It has been an adventure well worth embarking on. Thee is everything to love and nothing to hate. The places and more importantly the people make up for the harsh winter cold. I would love to make more trips. A trip to Baikal in summer is definitely in the cards. I hear Russian girls are even hotter is summer. I can’t wait…

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