Today is what I call a pure tourist day, though we hit a out of context blues pub in the evening. More of that later…

When in Moscow, the big deal is to visit the Red Square. So we went there. When I was a little kid, i had a very large poster of the St. Basil’s cathedral overlooking the Kremlin. I spent almost 10 years staringat the poster while growing up. But being in the red square really drives the scale home. The buildings lining the red square are immense. Immense. St basil’s is pretty in the snowfall too. A typical tourist moment lasted the whole afternoon.

We were trying out a group shot in front of st.Basil’s when a bunch of school kids walked in and wanted to join in the group shoot. Seems like we, the motley crew, look like the beat people around or are a novelty like the probocis monkeys. Oh well, I get more smiles than stares from the opposite sex and I don’t mind it one bit. Am basking in my own sex appeal now a days.

In the morning, earlier, I was given a coldshoulder by a couple of girls when I tried to approach them for some help with directions. I made up for that I guess since I found that there are a lot of friendly people in town. So officially, Moscow is alright in my book. With it’s strongly shopping oriented life style and all the issues related to being a big town, people are generally aloof and a wee bit reserved. I could even say paranoid. But that is alright, this happens in all big towns. So moscow is alright, it is still Russia, just a bit more European.

In the evening, we went off the marked roads to a small blues pub called road house. Blues in Russia? The place was so crowded that we could not get a table. We had to head to another restaurant nearby to get food and cone back later for some blues and drinks.

The visit and crowd was worth it. It is probably the best blues or jazz band I have ever heard in a pub. Additionally, got more smiles from local girls. That makes 3 hits in 3 cities in Russia. That mKes Russia totally OK in my book.

Tomorrow, may be more cultural indulgence before he head to the cultural capital St.Petersburg. May be I will have a perfect score when there. I hear people are great there too.

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