There is a bit of obsession going on with my NWT over the recent weeks. I guess I have not put much thought on my earlier bikes and I just ride them without worrying about prettying them up or focussing on minor upgrades. Guess this is probably a phase and I will ride (no pun intended) through it as it passes.

One of the things that I found to be a bit of an annoyance was the location of the brake levers. I guess I am pretty happy with the gear shifters but the levers seemed to get in the way of where I found my hands comfortable, i.e. near the curve up front. So I made a mental note to push the levers forward. That means the the levers are going to be in partly in the bend and the levers may flare out.

I pushed them forward a bit and indeed the levers stick out a little. Not something that will bother me with my long fingers but people with small hands may find it a bit difficult. But then they may be comfortable keeping the  levers closer too. Like I mentioned, the trekking bars provide a variety of options and is fairly customizable. A couple of rides will be able to give me a sense of the position of the levers.

Anyhow, I felt good about the positioning and took some time to wrap the bars with the cloth bar tape I picked up from velo orange. Though it looks a little odd, I kind of like the two tone color scheme. I was planning to wrap over with a leather tape but I will wait to do that until I am comfortable with the positioning of the lever.

The positioning of the bell near the brake lever was pretty much annoying and I moved the bell to a place near the stem. I have to move my hands to get to the bell, but then I dont intend to use it to annoy people in busy areas. It is more of a device to communicate with my riding buddy over a short distance. It is pretty nice tool for that.

Finally, I gave a bit of boost to my LHT. I currently have a ESGE double kickstand and since the LHT does not have a kickstand plate, I was living with the annoyance of frequently tightening the stand. Furthermore, my stand came with a flat bold instead of a chamfered one. I picked up a chamfered bolt from Clever cycles (they were nice to give it to me for free!) when I was in PDX. I decided it was time to change and some of the leftover bartape came in handy. I picked up this tip from the Rivendell site and without over-tightening the bolt, the stand seems nicely fixed in place.

A good way to spend some time in the weekend don’t you agree?

Track Notes