One of my frequent blog haunts is the one written by al. I enjoy his stories much and dream of travelling on weekend jaunts around some of the places he has been to. Apart from bieng a good writer / story teller, oldy is also an exceptional photographer. Check out his photo essays when you have time. I especially enjoyed the one on his trip to Lake Toba and it very high on my to-do lists when I can sneak a week off work. One of these days, I promise myself.

In a recent post, he mentioned this nice looking set of islands off the South coast of Singapore. Looks perfect for a weekend run out of the country and enjoy a day or two of camping and riding. Seems like a perfect way to go out there and enjoy the outdoors without obsessing over preparations. Must. Visit. A. Few. Islands. This. Year.

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Update: realized that the Grand daddy of exploring biking around Singapore has made a mention of Kundur too.

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