Before I write about the waterfall, i decided to continue along the mountain theme and write a bit more about Gunung Batur.

You can find more about batur in wikipedia. Gunung Batur is a wonderful place. The temperature is lower than in the southern end of  Bali and is a nice place to head out to contemplate life’s mysteries. A large lake, Danau Batur stretches between the foothills of Gunung Batur and Gunung Abang. Batur being a frequently active volcano (still is active) has been spewing ash regularly and the slopes of the mountain is covered by pyroclastic remains. Vegetation seems to be returning in patches as seen in the picture.

The views are breathtaking and makes you pause to take in a better look. I hear there are nice hikes around the region that one can take to get away from the tourist mess. This picture was shot from the extremely congested and infested Kintamani.

What guidebooks do not mention is that if you get sucked into the typical tourist ride, you will be left with a very bad feel about the state of affairs. You would be taken to Kintamani, very likely experience a heavy traffic jam and be showed into one of the fixed (and overpriced) lunches that sucks. I guess the redeeming factor is that you get wonderful views of Batur which eases the mind a bit.

Cycling down from KintamaniThe place seems to me like it is nice to cycle to. There are steep sections no doubt and will be take a heavy toll on ones legs but it is a short distance and once you get out of Kintamani there are numerous small villages that would be willing to spare space to pitch your tent. From what I hear, it might be a better bet to get down to the lake and figure out a place to pitch tent. I did witness a couple of cyclists racing down the hill at top speed giving cars and buses a run for their money.


Track Notes