I have mentioned in my chronicles, I had taken a short vacation during christmas. The destination of choice was Bali, primarily due to the fact that it was a place I have never been to, I have a local friend there and it was cheap.

I had not done my research so was not sure what to expect, but I have heard that the place is swarming with hoards of aussie tourists and could get sleazy. Well that partially set my expectations and when I landed there and hung around Kuta, I for first hand sleaze showed on me. Not one to worry about these things (and given that I can easily integrate into local culture), I looked for the real Bali. After a couple of days of being trapped in the tourist mode, I managed to find it.

To experience the real Bali, one has to go out the regular haunts. I decided to go and visit an obscure waterfall near Tajakula. A place known to locals and very few tourists. I highly recommend going there, however it is not someplace everyone knows. I spent long time with a local driver to  figure out the bearings of this waterfall. Anyway, I digress and I will relay the story in another post.

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I would like to discuss the three tall (still active) volcanoes in the Central-East of the island. Gunung Abang is the least known as I suspect it is not attractive to ferry tourists there. However Abang is extremely reveared and famous among the locals and the ‘culture’ tourists. The most commercial is Batur as it is easy to get to and very congested with tourist traps. I longingly looked down the not so beaten path that leads to the lake below and imagined myself trekking there some day.

The three sisters from bali

The three sisters from bali

I guess the gods decided to be nice to me when out of the blue (sic), I was shown this wonderful presentation of the three sisters in harmony. Well, a fulfilling trip to me is a trip with one picture I can come back to over and over and live the moment and this is it for me for Bali.

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