So, I watched Madagascar take 2. I recall watching take 1 and not feeling very good about the show.

The characters were cute, actors were great (Chris Rock can have a strong voice presence as Eddie Murphy) animation was nice and visuals (background drawings) were spectacular. But the movie like the original lacked punch. The story was bland, gags were predictable and timely, dialogues were corny and editing and flow if the movie was patchy.

As is typical with studio run shows, they take the average of what works with test audiences and string them together. Throw in some spectacle and hope it works. I suppose it does work for a certain (large) portion of the paying public, else they would not be making money.

Enough bitching, the movie is worth watching for the sake of sidekicks – the penguins did their thing and the Meercats were good. There was a sequence where king Julien does a lovely monologue about how be will negotiate with the rain god. Oh well, take a look.

The movie runs like a Sitcom with a sequence of gags punctuating a nearly non existant storyline. At least for the $, you get very beautiful animation.

In case you were interested, you can check out some of the visuals in the Art of Madagascar book.

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