to bring emotions back to normal, let me relate this story of another set of entertainers conducting business at the same place and time as the ones in the previous post.entertainers

The day was bright as it was hot. if you observe the picture herein, the ground is washed out primarily due to the intemsely bright sunlight. The place in ahobilam, a small town in andhra pradesh. Ahobilam is an important religious place but it does not seem to get the attention or oney as other famous temples in India. The place is unique since the temples are dedicated to narasimha, an embodiment of god in a half beast – half human form. You can read the mythology some day here. The trouble is that the place has numerous temples and they are situated in different, not-so-easily-accessible locations. One can drive to some places but a few require strenuous climbs.

It is known that often the temperatures in the deccan plateau sore above 45 deg C. This day when we reached there was also hot but bearably so. While doing a couple of sorties of the ‘base camp’ (a more traditional temple setup on ground level), I could catch up on photographing some of the people around here. One of them was this old couple singing devotional songs. Though they were not the best of singers, one really has to appreciate their will to work for a living. Along with them was this cute little kid (guess is their grandson) who has joined them in their business today. If one looks closely, he is wearing a framed painting of Narasimha – in the hope of wooing pilgrims passing by.

But in true kiddie fashion, this feller is oblivious to the business he is attracting but is more interested in the sweet guava he is munching on.

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