Indeed they do! It was extremely refreshing to find that even in remote villages, people brew freshly ground coffee in modern espresso machines. It is possible that the trend is a consequence of high tourist volume – but this is a side effect I am more than willing to accept.

coffee in chiang mai, thailand

I love a good cup of coffee and so does adi. Over time, I have come to appreciate the subtle variarions in the aroma and body and the curse of this knowledge is that it is impossible to sip a bad cup and carry on with life. I prefer to choose tea when I suspect the quality of coffee. In SE Asia, the local coffee is highly acidic, dark rosted, over percolated and served with condensed milk. It is an acquired taste but is has its own charm – It is nice to gulp down a cup in the morning to get the kick in the seat of one’s pants. However, my finer instincts crave for recently roasted, freshly ground coffee made with fresh water boiled to a nice roll, served with fresh warm milk.

Though coffee was not on mind when I started the trip in Thailand, I soon realized that without exception, every place that serves coffee know what they are doing. Plesantly surprised, thoroughly satisfied and enjoyed every cup in the fine country. The image above is from a cosy cafe in Chiang Mai.

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