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Day 456: It’s Sunday, that means it’s time for Cyclovia!

QuickPeek: Cyclovia. Gorgeous Day. Test Riding.

Today was Sunday! Bogota has a really large scale organized road closure to allow for cycling. It’s called the Cyclovia and it’s supposedly 120 km long! I was here in bogota a few weeks back on a Sunday, but without… Continue Reading →

Day 455: Hopefully the last bus ride for a long while

QuickPeek: Bus ride. Bike Lanes. Back in Bogota!

Medellin to Bogota, scheduled for 8 hrs, real time 12 hrs. Gosh another long bus ride, but this time I was riding it with my bike and managed to get all the needed bits of warm clothing to avoid hypothermia… Continue Reading →

Days 451-454: Back to Medellin and my bike.

QuickPeek: Bus ride. Lenin House. Tattoo! City rides.

After the two week whirlwind tour of North of Colombia, I finally got to where I started, At Lenin house in Medellin. We planned to take a noon time bus from Yarumal and had a leisurely morning walking about for… Continue Reading →

Day 450: Hike in the hills, cures all ills

It was lovely to be able to sleep in with a thick blanket on. I think a cool place with appropriate warm clothing is way better than a hot place where I have to sweat in the bed. Heh. We… Continue Reading →

Day 449: Hitch hiking in Colombia seems tough

QuickPeek: Hitch Hiking. Bus Ride. Mountains!!

So we got a decent night’s sleep after struggling for a while in the heat. In the morning, the caretakers of the farm offered us some coffee and we packed up and headed out at 8 am. The idea was… Continue Reading →

Days 446-448: No bike yet, but back in the groove

QuickPeek: Bus rides. Great Host. Back in the game!

So the last day in Cartagena turned out to be another scorcher. The Centro Historico is a cute enough place, but it had been pretty hard to explore in the heat and thanks to the cloud cover yesterday, we managed… Continue Reading →

Days 444-445: Surviving Cartagena

The heat, the heat! Fuck, its hot and humid here. So much so that I have had no energy to get out side even to sit. I’ve been hiding out in the room most of the time here. The neighbourhood… Continue Reading →

Days 441-443: I can’t understand how backpacking community can survive

QuickPeek: Bus rides. Bus stations. Boring.

Really, from what I’ve seen, the average backpacker, spends most of the time at a bus station, walking around looking for hostels, in the bus, in hostels and when they get out, it’s a tourist spot. I’ve been doing it… Continue Reading →

Days 439-440: A walk, does wonders to the soul

QuickPeek: Bus Rides. Quaint Villages. Hiking.

After getting to Villa de Levya, we crashed into bed and got up pretty well rested. The plan was to find our way to Barichara, which on the map looked pretty close, but the bus ride would turn out to… Continue Reading →

Day 438: It’s different being a backpacker

QuickPeek: Multiple Bus Rides. Long travel. Tourism.

So I start the next few days being a backpacker. What with my bike in Medellin and me planning a couple of weeks to hang about, I suppose it will be a different way to see a place. We started… Continue Reading →

Days 435-437: 3 Days in colourful Bogota

QuickPeek: Flea Market. Walking. Graffiti.

Bogota – colorful, charming, quirky, friendly. A pleasant surprise of a capital city. I expected the place to be a bit more hectic than Medellin was and probably more gubernatorial and ruthless, but was nice to come to a place… Continue Reading →

Days 435-437: Alternate plans start off in Colombia

QuickPeek: Plans. Logistics. Changes.

Last couple of days in Medellin had me planning and sorting out some logistics. The good stuff first. I met a nice chap, Vladimir, who’s a friend of another Chilean traveller I met and we took a bike ride around… Continue Reading →

Day 433-434: Looping around Medellin

QuickPeek: City Ride. Bike Lanes. Night Ride!

Last couple of days I’ve been hanging out in Medellin and Lenin, my awesome host, decided to take me out on some of his errands and show me parts of his town on the bike. First up, we headed to… Continue Reading →

Day 432: Stepping into South America

QuickPeek: Air Travel. Expensive Taxi. Lenin House! South America!!!

It was a nice flight, clean and spacious and pretty empty. The flight started earlier and got to Medellin 20 mins earlier, I was happy because I’d have extra time to put my bike back together and ride to my… Continue Reading →

Days 425-431: Time out in and around Panama City

QuickPeek: R&R. Tourism. Logistics.

Panama City! It feels like the most modern city on all of Central America, it’s got grand skyscrapers, a skyline, lots of filth, shit loads of traffic, roads where one cannot walk, a shiny new metro, Metro buses, a historical… Continue Reading →

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