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Day 524: Ride to a brief interlude

QuickPeek: Cloudy. Gentle hills. Flat. Home.

It seemed like a bit of rain in the morning and I slept in a bit and by the time I was up, it was 7 already, bummer a late start. The day looked cloudy however and we decided to… Continue Reading →

Day 523: On the bike, Across the Equator!

QuickPeek: Awesome roads. Bike lane. Flat. Breezy.

I was a little excited today when I spotted on my GPS that I was literally 40 seconds N of the Equator and was bound to cross it thro the day. Little milestones are fun, not my main motivation for… Continue Reading →

Day 522: Pedernales was a nice place for a day off

QuickPeek: Rest. Cooking.

Today we decided to do a rest day. Given that we had a long one yesterday and the fact that we were with a really sweet family, it was an easy decision. I slept like a baby in my hammock… Continue Reading →

Day 521: Another day, another adventure

QuickPeek: Land Slide. Road Washed Away. Rolling Hills. Heat.

When I got up at 6 am, it was cloudy, but with the prospect of it being a sunny day. I made some coffee and had some bread from yesterday and we soon set off on the road. Must be… Continue Reading →

Day 520: El Niño madness along the coast

QuickPeek: Heavy rains. Flooding. Mud slides. Rolling hills.

We planned an early start as usual, but our hostel owner told us it might be raining in the morning and when I was up at 5:30 it was pouring heavily, I waited for the rain to subside, but it… Continue Reading →

Day 519: The pacific coast begins with some twists

QuickPeek: Flat. Rolling hills. Drizzly day. Pacific Ocean.

For the next few days, we planned short rides about 50-70 km a day and the first one from Esmeraldas was going to be a 50K chill out ride. However, we planned an early start and were up at 5:30…. Continue Reading →

Days 517-518: At the pacific coast with a lovely host

QuickPeek: rest Days. Hanging out. Cooking.

So yesterday we managed to find a 5 PM bus to the pacific coast. That was sweet, I was looking forward to the sings along the way. The bus was not particularly comfortable, but unlike in Colombia, the drivers were… Continue Reading →

Day 516: Hasta La Ecuador!

QuickPeek: Rain. Border Crossing. Parade. Ecuador!

We planned yet another early start and were out of the bed at 6 and on the road at 6:20, but we stopped for a bit of bite and coffee and got on the road proper at 7 AM. The… Continue Reading →

Day 515: More boulders and rolling hills, saps all the energy in the heat

QuickPeek: Heat. Rolling hills. Boulders.

We planned an earlier day than yesterday, with the sun coming up at 6, we figured we might get on the road at the crack of dawn. I was up at 5:30 and as we packed up, we noticed Krista’s… Continue Reading →

Day 514: Terrible heat out in the valley

QuickPeek: Hot. Short. Gravel. Intense.

After observing how the day got super hot as it progressed, we planned to have an early start today. We were up before 6 and out of the door at 6:20. It was super pleasant at dawn and we decided… Continue Reading →

Day 513: Out of Mocoa, final stretch in Colombia

QuickPeek: Short day. Flat. Hot.

So we planned a super early day today. I wasn’t sure if I had the motivation to be up and about at 5 AM, so decided to start at a more comfy hour of 6:30 instead. The reason for an… Continue Reading →

Days 511-512: Spotting the Amazon Forest

QuickPeek: Rest. Hike. Catching up with friends.

We heard from our friend Dorys that she was heading to Mocoa, where we were. She had never been to this town and the famous waterfalls near here called “Fin Del Mundo”, literall, “End of the World”. The reasoning is… Continue Reading →

Day 510: Bailing out of the Andes

QuickPeek: Bus ride. Maniacs. Stunning Putumayo!

Heh, seems like it will be a while before I’d eventually muster enough will to cross over the Andes fully on the bike, jej. This morning, we were up at 6 at Cabunga’s finca and Though we’d have loved to… Continue Reading →

Day 509: Ride over the Andes is an absolute stunner

QuickPeek: Beautiful day. Stunning route. Meeting Cabunga!

The pull of Lago de Cocha was really strong, but with my visa deadline looming, we had to get going. The day looked beautiful with blue skies and light clouds up the hills. We planned yet another short day to… Continue Reading →

Day 508: Hanging out in a little paradise

QuickPeek: Picnic. Kayaking. Gorgeous weather!

I am getting close on my visa deadline and we had originally planned for a few days in a town called Mocao to do some hiking, but once we got to Andres’s place, it was obvious that central to touring… Continue Reading →

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