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Day 372: Who’d have thought downhill would be slower than uphill

QuickPeek: Gravel Road. Beautiful views. Flat Finish.

The sun came up at 5:30, I was up and lazing, but by 6 AM it was blazing and I had to jump out and start packing. The lady running the La Palma Bar was super sweet and offered me… Continue Reading →

Day 371: CR highway engineers, wake up your idea

QuickPeek: Hills. Steeper hills. Puncture. Pura vida.

After the on-again, off-again attitude the last few days, supported by Vendhan’s awesome repertoire of Indian cooking, I finally manage to get back on the road. Vendhan had been an excellent host and friend and we had some real good… Continue Reading →

Days 357 – 370: New directions in Costa Rica

QuickPeek: Year on the road! Rest Days. New Friends. New Directions.

First off, I passed the 1 year on the road on this Journey! And I rested thro it, jej, apropos. I looked thro some pictures from the early part of the trip, it feels like it was from a decade… Continue Reading →

Day 356: End of the short walking tour

QuickPeek: Rainy Start. Short Walk. Hitch Hike. Bus Ride.

I was really smashed. This entire route didn’t offer me a choice of a rest day. I could have forced a rest day in the wilderness, but then again with the amount of rain pouring down, I’d not really be… Continue Reading →

Day 355: Stunning walk around Lago Arenal

QuickPeek: Flat road. River crossings. Overcast day. Hospitality.

A shower and a place to dry my stuff was paradise! It was expensive by my budget, but staying at Mike’s hostel was well worthy it. I slept real well and woke up refreshed. It rained all night and I… Continue Reading →

Day 354: Rainy descent to lago Arenal

QuickPeek: Short day. Expensive hostel.

It was a strange night to sleep in, the Coates would show up once in a while and sniff around and since I had out my hammock pretty low, I wasn’t sure if they might take a bite of my… Continue Reading →

Day 353: Finally, a walk in the trail

QuickPeek: Road walk. Bus ride. Trail walk. Jungle camping.

I got up early at the rodeo, since there was a lot of construction going on and the work started when the sun was up. It was drizzling a bit when I got up, so I decided to wait the… Continue Reading →

Day 352: Tourism – absolutely sucks the soul out of a place

QuickPeek: Rain. beautiful walk. Craziness of tourism. Great local hospitality.

It started raining early in the evening, nothing big just a mild drizzle, but lasted all thro the night and the mornings too. I slept well, but after a few hours, I started to feel the cold. I was too… Continue Reading →

Day 351: A walk into the clouds

QuickPeek: Hobbling. Blisters. Awesome campsite.

I was absolutely smashed yesterday evening and I couldn’t even read a page before I was knocked out, dang. Anyway I was up at 3 and later at 5 AM and packed up for a early morning walk. I realised… Continue Reading →

Day 350: Back to basics

QuickPeek: Urban hike. Heat. Pain.

So after a bit of break and thinking about how effectively to explore Costa Rica on a budget and off the main trunk, I have decided I’d try walking some parts. If you are thinking, ah, easy peasy you just… Continue Reading →

Days 344-349: Hanging out in San Jose

QuickPeek: Rest days. Awesome People.

I hadn’t expected much in San Jose. The entire reason I was here was because, Archana and Shakira were headed this way and I figured it would be nice to hang out with them a couple of days before heading… Continue Reading →

Day 343: Really Road Tripping this time

QuickPeek: Road trip.

I didn’t expect the girls to turn up in the evening, but around 8 PM or so they showed up after an exhausting and rapid trip across the border, but it seems like they’ve had a lot of fun in… Continue Reading →

Day 342: With the girls on a road trip

QuickPeek: Road Tripping.

Ok, Costa Rica has some amazing wild life. I am convinced of it after day 1. I was woken up by spider monkeys monekeying around on the big beautiful tree in the morning. Later, we spotted a crocodile in the… Continue Reading →

Day 341: Finding new friends

QuickPeek: Short Day. New Friends.

I was in the windiest part of Costa Rica I reckon, All nght long, I’d hear the wind rolling thro the trees at a distance and brace myself when it would hit me and swing me in my hammock, it… Continue Reading →

Day 340: Adios Nica, Hola Rica

QuickPeek: Wind. Flat. Border Crossing. Rolling hills.

I was in two minds as I woke up this morning, I wanted to keep going, but My buddy Mathias was off at work and that meant that I wouldnt be able to bid farewell. IN the end I figured… Continue Reading →

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