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Day 342: With the girls on a road trip

QuickPeek: Road Tripping.

Ok, Costa Rica has some amazing wild life. I am convinced of it after day 1. I was woken up by spider monkeys monekeying around on the big beautiful tree in the morning. Later, we spotted a crocodile in the… Continue Reading →

Day 341: Finding new friends

QuickPeek: Short Day. New Friends.

I was in the windiest part of Costa Rica I reckon, All nght long, I’d hear the wind rolling thro the trees at a distance and brace myself when it would hit me and swing me in my hammock, it… Continue Reading →

Day 340: Adios Nica, Hola Rica

QuickPeek: Wind. Flat. Border Crossing. Rolling hills.

I was in two minds as I woke up this morning, I wanted to keep going, but My buddy Mathias was off at work and that meant that I wouldnt be able to bid farewell. IN the end I figured… Continue Reading →

Day 339: The Unfinished Infinite loop

QuickPeek: Late Start. Flat ride.

I was up early to a drizzly day and given the ride out to the Jetty was short I figured I could wait for a while before heading out. I had a leisurely b’fast and hung about for a few… Continue Reading →

Day 338: My favorite term in Spanish, “Porque No?”

QuickPeek: Hiking.

It rained like a mean bastard thro the night. The roof leaked a little at the spot I had hammock’d and I was too lazy to put up my rain fly and decided a towel on top would be a… Continue Reading →

Days 334-337: A bit of work and a ride around the Infinite loop

QuickPeek: Farm work. Making Pizzas. Hanging out. Ometepe.

The past few days have been pretty nice hanging out with Mathias and family, its a wonderful spot and they made me feel at home. I spent the time deflowering the basil patch and watering the plants. The more complicated… Continue Reading →

Days 330-333: Few rest days in Rivas

QuickPeek: Rest. Sailing. Visa Extension. Farm Life.

Mathias and family are really lovely people and I felt the friendly vibe all the while. When Mathias asked me if I can help with some irrigation ideas he had had for his farm, it made it easier for me… Continue Reading →

Day 329: Flats and No wind makes for a easy ride.

QuickPeek: Flat. No wind. Easy ride.

That title gets an award for being bleeding obvious. Well that’s what the day was. It was a late start to the day, it took me a while to wake up after the late night BBQ. Anyway, I was up… Continue Reading →

Day 328: Got me a Nicaraguan Stamp

QuickPeek: Tattoo!

Sebas and Vinz were pretty chilled out guys and I had fun hanging out with them. I knew Vinz was a tattoo artist and as we chatted about, he mentioned how he was trying out a old school technique for… Continue Reading →

Day 327: Got to Granada, but plans were shattered

QuickPeek: Flat. Warm. Easy ride.

First up, if you click thro and actually visit the site, you might notice I have made some changes. I found a spiffy theme to start with and added some additional features, a fullscreen map and a photo & video… Continue Reading →

Day 326: Much dilemma before I decided on the urban route

QuickPeek: Rain. Headwind. Storm. Traffic. Mess.

It’s tough to say good byes. But I had to get going, I realised my time in Nicaragua was fast coming to an end and I did not want to go thro the hassle of Visa extension and stuff. So… Continue Reading →

Days 323-325: Good times in Leon

Quick Peek: Awesome Hosts. Rest. Coding! Kwesi and Marc were pretty rad chaps to hang out with and fellers with big hearts too. I had mentioned earlier that they are tech entrepreneurs and spend the day working from home and… Continue Reading →

Day 322: Volcano Hike in the morning, A bike ride in the evening

Quick Peek: Hiking. Bush Whacking. Volcano Corridor. Swift ride. I had a good night’s sleep and as per plan I was up at 5:30 and hoped to climb the volcano up and be back by noon so I could ride… Continue Reading →

Day 321: A Entering the Volcano country

Quick peek: Puncture. Downhill. Tailwind. Flats. Magic. Ariel’s folks were great hosts. I really enjoyed myself and almost felt like I was home there. It was not a matter of rest anymore, just a matter of peeling myself off of… Continue Reading →

Days 319-320: Off days in Esteli

Quick Peek: Time off. Cooking. Planning. It was great to be with a nice family in Esteli. Their son Carlos Ariel is cycling down in Argentina as I write this and I have a feeling I’d be tracing a large… Continue Reading →

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