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Days 403-404: Taken 4 – It does not always take a Liam Neeson to recover shit

QuickPeek: Bus Ride. Robbed. Recovered. Awesome Police. Undercover Sting operation.

Ok, after a few months of incident free travel, I suppose I let my guard down and ended up in a bit of an adventure that I did not plan on. I suppose it was a good wake up call… Continue Reading →

Days 389 – 402: More fun weeks at the Farm

QuickPeek: Farm Work. Cooking

The farm work continued as per usual in the last couple of weeks. The routine was good, wake up at 6ish, have a quick b’fast, work for 5-6 hours and back for lunch, an afternoon rest and prepare dinner. I… Continue Reading →

Days 382-388: More odds and ends at the Farm

QuickPeek: Farm work. Rain. Climbing lessons.

Sundays are off days at the farm, we tend to do some stuff around, but nothing major and the day is spent lazing, doing a bit here and there and cooking up food. The rest of the week, however, we… Continue Reading →

Days 375-381: Working hard or Hardly working

QuickPeek: Farm work. Permaculture. Art.

Here’s to the first week in the farm. Contrary to my earlier belief, life in the farm had been exciting and time passed pretty quickly. There seems to be always something to do. Unlike farms I have witnessed as a… Continue Reading →

Day 374: Farm life begins

QuickPeek: Farm Life.

So the schedule at the farm is going to be up before 6 AM, do an awesome smoothie and head out for some work. Back around 9ish for a b’fast and return to the farm for work. This goes on… Continue Reading →

Day 373: Holy cow, I am back in Malaysia

QuickPeek: Flat. Hot. Bus ride. Night ride.

I was up at 5:30 with the sun shining in and as I was packing up, Some of the construction creww showed up. They were pretty chilled with me hanging out there and so I packed up, had a cup… Continue Reading →

Day 372: Who’d have thought downhill would be slower than uphill

QuickPeek: Gravel Road. Beautiful views. Flat Finish.

The sun came up at 5:30, I was up and lazing, but by 6 AM it was blazing and I had to jump out and start packing. The lady running the La Palma Bar was super sweet and offered me… Continue Reading →

Day 371: CR highway engineers, wake up your idea

QuickPeek: Hills. Steeper hills. Puncture. Pura vida.

After the on-again, off-again attitude the last few days, supported by Vendhan’s awesome repertoire of Indian cooking, I finally manage to get back on the road. Vendhan had been an excellent host and friend and we had some real good… Continue Reading →

Days 357 – 370: New directions in Costa Rica

QuickPeek: Year on the road! Rest Days. New Friends. New Directions.

First off, I passed the 1 year on the road on this Journey! And I rested thro it, jej, apropos. I looked thro some pictures from the early part of the trip, it feels like it was from a decade… Continue Reading →

Day 356: End of the short walking tour

QuickPeek: Rainy Start. Short Walk. Hitch Hike. Bus Ride.

I was really smashed. This entire route didn’t offer me a choice of a rest day. I could have forced a rest day in the wilderness, but then again with the amount of rain pouring down, I’d not really be… Continue Reading →

Day 355: Stunning walk around Lago Arenal

QuickPeek: Flat road. River crossings. Overcast day. Hospitality.

A shower and a place to dry my stuff was paradise! It was expensive by my budget, but staying at Mike’s hostel was well worthy it. I slept real well and woke up refreshed. It rained all night and I… Continue Reading →

Day 354: Rainy descent to lago Arenal

QuickPeek: Short day. Expensive hostel.

It was a strange night to sleep in, the Coates would show up once in a while and sniff around and since I had out my hammock pretty low, I wasn’t sure if they might take a bite of my… Continue Reading →

Day 353: Finally, a walk in the trail

QuickPeek: Road walk. Bus ride. Trail walk. Jungle camping.

I got up early at the rodeo, since there was a lot of construction going on and the work started when the sun was up. It was drizzling a bit when I got up, so I decided to wait the… Continue Reading →

Day 352: Tourism – absolutely sucks the soul out of a place

QuickPeek: Rain. beautiful walk. Craziness of tourism. Great local hospitality.

It started raining early in the evening, nothing big just a mild drizzle, but lasted all thro the night and the mornings too. I slept well, but after a few hours, I started to feel the cold. I was too… Continue Reading →

Day 351: A walk into the clouds

QuickPeek: Hobbling. Blisters. Awesome campsite.

I was absolutely smashed yesterday evening and I couldn’t even read a page before I was knocked out, dang. Anyway I was up at 3 and later at 5 AM and packed up for a early morning walk. I realised… Continue Reading →

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